About Us

About Us

When Michel Paquet’s 83-year-old aunt was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, she found it difficult to let family and healthcare professionals know what she needed, leading to problems with her care, and feelings of isolation. Michel was concerned, and realized his aunt wasn’t the only person with these common problems that arise with aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and other types of healthcare issues. The population is aging and North America is predicted to be home to more than 84 million people over the age of 65 by the year 2030. As such, the demands on our health care systems and our caregivers increase every year.

With this knowledge, Michel became inspired to do something about it, to make the world a bit better for his aunt and every other person with complex care needs.


Luckily, Michel is an entrepreneur and in February, 2014 founded Aetonix with a mission to address the increasing demands for caregiving solutions for home caregivers and for those in group facility settings, regardless of geographical distance between caregiver and the cared for. Aetonix soon launched aTouchAway, a face-to-face communication platform ready to revolutionize the way that families, healthcare professionals and caregivers, and those who are cared for complete the circle of care.

The aTouchAway platform has been deployed in palliative care group homes, residential care homes and private homes, allowing caregivers to perform remote check-ins with those who need care; providing fall, wandering and inactivity alerts; reminding people of medications; and enabling simple communication between clients, caregivers and/or emergency personnel with the touch of a button.

Our Team

The Aetonix team is made up of extraordinary people, dedicated to our mission to help connect the circle of care. We want nothing more than to provide seniors and others who need specialized care, their family members, personal support workers and group care facility managers with an easy-to-use tool that helps to ensure the safety and security of each client.
If we can help those who need it most, that’s our goal; if we can also make it simpler for families to stay connected no matter the distance, home care service providers to perform real-time check-ins and monitor care, and detect wandering and falls; and group facility managers to run more efficient operations, well, those are just fantastic bonuses.


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