Simplifying Patient Care at Home with Device Integration

Simplifying Whole Patient Complex Care with In-Home Monitoring Device Integration

We’ve all had our blood pressure or heart rate taken at some point – whether at an urgent care clinic or at a regular checkup with a family physician. But, for people who suffer from things like Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Diseases (COPD) or Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), measuring their statistics frequently is a regular part of their every day. Keeping track of daily measures and reporting those many readings over the course of a day (or many days) can place a heavy burden on patients.

Aetonix is pleased to announce that the aTouchAway communications and information sharing platform now includes the ability to acquire data from common home healthcare devices. Patients can now take their oxygen saturation levels or blood pressure readings and share the results with their respiratory therapist or physician, without having to leave their own living room.

aTouchAway is able to acquire, track and report data from devices measuring the following 7 Vital Health Indicators

  • Oxygen Saturation LevelsO2sats, blood pressure monitor, and step counter
  • Heart / Pulse Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose (Coming Soon!)
  • Body Temperature
  • Weight
  • Activity / Step Counting

For patients, being able to take your measurements at home and have the aTouchAway app capture, track and report those results to whoever has permission to see them on your care team is essential.  It saves countless hours of data input, minimizes the risk of missing something important, and can help prevent unnecessary ER visits and hospital admissions. Information collected from these devices is seamlessly integrated to your profile in the app, providing care providers a more holistic view of your ongoing health status.

For clinicians or therapists monitoring patients (who often have more than one chronic illness) adding these measurements to a patients’ profile and accessing them remotely allows for easy identification of when intervention may be warranted, and makes adjusting care plans or individual protocols quick and easy.

When combined with the powerful aTouchAway Workflow Engine, care providers can also define process workflows that could trigger an alert to a care team member, or simply set reminders for patients to take a particular measurement.

“The team is excited to deploy this added functionality in the solution. The more we learn from our customers and their patient’s the better the platform becomes at connecting the dots for people and their care providers” said Michel Paquet, Founder and CEO at Aetonix. “Making things a little easier for people managing their chronic or complex health needs really is a critical part of what we’re striving for at Aetonix.”

Data integration from home health devices is now a standard component of the comprehensive aTouchAway platform.  Contact us for more information.


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Wow! The Canadian Prime Minister took his O2 sats with aTouchAway during a visit to our offices.

Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau testing his oxygen saturation levels with aTouchAway