Life is  busy these days – especially when you’re sick. Staying in touch with family and friends, juggling multiple doctors, homecare nurses, personal support workers, along with various appointments, medications and the day to day activities of  “regular” life. It’s exhausting, stressful and can be overwhelming.

Connect the Circle of Care

Technology can make things easier, but can also add stress and frustration – trying to figure out all the different apps, platforms and technologies. This is especially true for people unused to today’s mobile communications.

Reduce Feelings of Isolation

Keeping everyone up-to-date is a challenge for many families – which is precisely why Aetonix designed and developed aTouchAway. aTouchAway makes communicating a breeze, connects everyone involved in someone’s care, and provides a secure place to exchange messages and share information.


Just a Touch Away!

Setting up and using aTouchAway is a quick and simple process. Built specifically for seniors and non-technical users, aTouchAway doesn’t rely on intricate passwords or complicated logins – it’s designed for all types of users, regardless of age.

Communicate & Share Information – in Real-time

  • Video conferencing provides what email, text messaging or phone calls can’t – connect face-to-face in real-time, and see firsthand how your loved one is doing and step in if help is needed.
  • Take comfort in knowing how easy it is to reach out to anyone in the Circle of Care – loved ones, care givers, even emergency personnel.
  • At a glance monitoring, managing appointments, taking medications, performing self care, all in one place.
  • Optional instant emergency notifications through a discrete bracelet for potential issues like falling, wandering episodes, or critical incidents.

Staying Connected Improves Wellbeing

If you or a loved one has complex health care needs, feelings of anxiety, fear and social isolation present serious risks to overall well being. Take some of that stress away so you can and focus on what’s really important – staying connected to the people who matter and improved health.

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