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Connecting the Circle of Care

The term Circle of Care has come to signify the support network that forms around a person undergoing medical care or treatment. For most people, this includes healthcare practitioners, professional and unofficial caregivers, as well as family members or close friends who are involved in their care and well being.

We developed aTouchAway specifically for people with complex care needs to bridge the gap between patients, their families, care team members and treating medical professionals.

Affordable and easy-to-use, the aTouchAway app has two main components as well as optional add-ons like a personal safety bracelet and robust metrics and reporting for organizations that support the care of multiple clients.

More information on additional functionality for facilities or managing groups of patients, please see aTouchAway Enterprise.

Mobile phone interface for the supporter

The Care Supporter component of aTouchAway is used by someone who manages or supports the care of someone with health issues. 

  • You could be a family member, personal supporter worker, visiting nurse, Care Coordinator or medical professional.
  • You act as a primary point of contact for helping to coordinate the health and well being of someone who is experiencing health related challenges.




For the person providing care support

Simple to use, easy to read mobile phone app
  • Set up client accounts (profiles) in the software
  • Write, review and modify Coordinated Care Plans from anywhere
  • Set and schedule reminders, notifications, and self-assessment “surveys”
  • Share notes,information and updates with anyone in the Circle of Care
  • Add new contacts – doctors, specialists, family members or SDMs (varying permissions)

The Person Receiving Care

The Care Client component of aTouchAway is for the person who receives care/the patient. Typically, a client is someone who:

  • Requires help with daily activities / tasks / self-care
  • Starting to have difficulty managing, organizing appointments, medications, behaviours, communications
  • May not have a strong or readily accessible social support network



For the person receiving support or care

Just by tapping a graphical button or photo, clients can:

  • Easily connect with available contacts via text messages, phone and video calls
  • View and respond to simple alerts & reminders (surveys)
  • Take and share notes
  • Provide status updates
  • Review and monitor treatment plans


Setting up and using aTouchAway is a quick and simple process. Built specifically for seniors and non-technical users, aTouchAway doesn’t rely on intricate passwords or complicated logins – it’s designed for all types of users, regardless of age.

Communications & Messaging

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing provides what email, text messaging or phone calls can’t connect face-to-face in real-time, and see firsthand how your loved one is doing and step in if help is needed.

Text Messaging & Group Chat
Video conferencing provides what email, text messaging or phone calls can’t connect face-to-face in real-time, and see firsthand how your loved one is doing and step in if help is needed.

Image showing a simple reminder

Reminders & Alerts

Easily set, share and respond to customized alarms, reminders, or alerts for things like medication reminders or scheduled appointments.

Ask how they’re feeling with self-reporting

Ask clients for self-assessments for things like Pain Scale Ratings, mood levels, activity reporting etc.  Fully customizable with easy to follow rating scales and yes / no question modelling.

Set a custom calling tree for calling priority

Priority Notification Trees

Predetermine a calling tree or a prioritized list of people or organizations to notify in sequence for incidents that are urgent or time sensitive. No answering services or call center subscriptions required.

O2sats, blood pressure monitor, and step counter

Integrated Home Health Devices

Patients can now take their oxygen saturation levels or blood pressure readings and share the results with their respiratory therapist or physician, without having to leave their own living room.

aTouchAway is able to acquire, track and report data from devices measuring the following Vital Health Indicators

  • Oxygen Saturation Levels
  • Heart / Pulse Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose (Coming Soon!)
  • Body Temperature
  • Weight
  • Activity / Step Counting


Personal safety bracelet

  • Add a discrete, fully integrated bracelet to send alerts if a fall, wandering episode or other critical incident occurs.
  • No call center subscription fees.  Ever.
  • Also great as a cost effective call bell system in clinics, hospitals, and larger facilities.
  • No call center / subscriptions
  • Notitfication chain
  • Fall detection / wandering
  • Help button
  • Discrete wearable
  • Waterproof
  • 1 Year battery
  • Remote answer
Discrete wearable for wandering and fall detection


Pricing for the aTouchAway app is 15$ (CDN) per month. If you’re unsure about hardware (like tablets or cellular phones), give us a call – we’d be happy to help assess what you might need (or not need).

Safety bracelet’s are priced separately for a one-time cost of 35$ CDN and can be added to your order in your shopping cart.

One Price, Unlimited Members

For $15 per month, an aTouchAway subscription allows clients to establish a Circle of Care that could include virtually anyone – from neighbours and loved ones to professional care providers at no additional cost.

Not for you? No problem!

If you find that aTouchAway isn’t right for you and your family, we guarantee a penalty free, no questions asked cancellation policy.

Try it for yourself

We offer a free, no obligation, 30-day trial with full access to aTouchAway – if you decide to stay on the system, just activate your subscription!

Organizations Caring for Multiple Clients – aTouchAway Enterprise

aTouchAway for Enterprise customers offers additional functionality and rich reporting for more efficient and effective provision of care – in facility or at home.