Improved efficiencies for better care

Setting up and using aTouchAway is a quick and simple process. Built specifically for non-technical users, aTouchAway doesn’t rely on intricate passwords or complicated logins – it’s designed for all types of users, regardless of age.

Communications & Messaging

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing provides context otherwise missing from email, text messaging or phone calls.  Check-in more frequently without leaving the office and see face-to-face in real-time how your client is doing.

Text Messaging & Group Chat
Share important information and updates or ask questions from other care team members instantly.  Everyone has access to the same up-to-date details whenever they’re available.

Self-Assessments and status reports

Ask how they’re feeling with self-reporting

Ask clients for self-assessments for things like Pain Scale Ratings, mood levels, activity reporting etc.  Fully customizable with easy to follow rating scales and yes / no question modelling.

Image showing a simple reminder

Reminders & Alerts

Easily set, share and respond to customized alarms, reminders, or alerts for things like medication reminders or scheduled appointments.

Set a custom calling tree for calling priority

Priority Notification Trees

Predetermine a calling tree or a prioritized list of people or organizations to notify in sequence for incidents that are urgent or time sensitive. No answering services or call center subscriptions required.

Personal safety bracelet

  • Add a discrete, fully integrated bracelet to send alerts if a fall, wandering episode or other critical incident occurs.
  • No call center subscription fees.  Ever.
  • Also great as a cost effective call bell system in clinics, hospitals, and larger facilities.
  • No call center / subscriptions
  • Notitfication chain
  • Fall detection / wandering
  • Help button
  • Discrete wearable
  • Waterproof
  • 1 Year battery
  • Remote answer
Discrete wearable for wandering and fall detection
O2sats, blood pressure monitor, and step counter

Integrated Home Health Devices

Patients can now take their oxygen saturation levels or blood pressure readings and share the results with their respiratory therapist or physician, without having to leave their own living room.

aTouchAway is able to acquire, track and report data from devices measuring the following Vital Health Indicators

  • Oxygen Saturation Levels
  • Heart / Pulse Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • Body Temperature
  • Weight
  • Activity / Step Counting


Caring for Multiple Clients

aTouchAway for Enterprise customers offers additional functionality and rich reporting for more efficient and effective provision of care – in facility or at home.

Coordinated Care Plans (CCP)

Client Care Plans can be developed, modified and reviewed in real-time, giving you access to the most current and relevant information anytime, from anywhere.

Approvals for Care Plan changes are requested, received, tracked and implemented quickly and easily within the app.



Act on approvals, questions or requests for information on your schedule – aTouchAway let’s you respond immediately, or store unactioned tasks for other shifts, or for when you’re not actively engaged with a client.
Care plans are shared across a individual’s entire Circle of Care – information is shared once, and is accessible 24/7 (by authorized parties).

Easy-to-use for non-technical users – minimal learning curve, high user adoption.

Mobile device agnostic – both iOS and Android.

aTouchAway Enterprise integrates with some EMR / database systems – contact us to see if the system your organization is using can be setup for automatic data transfer.

Special group pricing model per client with an unlimited number of members in their care team, realizes significant return on investment (ROI).
Example of health statistics dashboard

Rich Reporting, Metrics & Integrations

With the aTouchAway dashboard, you can easily review data related to falls, wandering, emergency situations, medical reminders, and calls that have been sent and received.

Generate reports on demand, export them to Excel, analyze your data, monitor staff interactions with clients, and optimize response times.

New ! Custom Workflows

Women’s College Hospital in Toronto Ontario is using the aTouchAway Enterprise Workflow Engine to provide SAME DAY joint replacement surgery!  6-hours from intake to recovering comfortably at home.

Screen capture of example Pain Level Assessment question

Workflow Engine

  • Define the steps and logical paths of a workflow in plain English – the aTouchAway Workflow Engine will be used to translate to machine language for implementation.
  • Streamline costly and time consuming tasks and functions that currently require manual or personnel intervention.
  • Existing processes can be easily transitioned for virtually any process-oriented use case. Data can be tracked, audited and used for value-stream mapping or trending data.

Mobile interface for Care Providers

Whether you provide care to one or many clients, the mobile aTouchAway interface runs on your mobile phone or tablet and is ideal for:

  • Personal supporter workers, home nurses, Care Coordinators even practitioners, specialists, and family health teams 
  • Communicating and sharing information with a clients’ Circle of Care is fast, easy to do, and completely secure (PHIPA & HIPAA)



Mobile interface for Care Givers

Simple to use, easy to read mobile phone app
  • Set up client accounts (profiles) in the software
  • Write, review and modify Coordinated Care Plans from anywhere
  • Set and schedule reminders, notifications, and self-assessment “surveys”
  • Share notes,information and updates with anyone in the Circle of Care
  • Add new contacts – doctors, specialists, family members or SDMs (varying permissions)

Components for the Client

The Care Client components of aTouchAway is designed as a graphical, easy-to-use interface for clients who often have challenges with mobility, cognition, or are non-tech savvy.   Clients would use some combination of:

  • Mobile device – either a mobile phone or tablet
  • Personal safety bracelet (optional)


For the Complex Care Client

Just by tapping a graphical button or photo, clients can:

  • Easily connect with available contacts via text messages, phone and video calls
  • View and respond to simple alerts & reminders (surveys)
  • Take and share notes
  • Provide status updates
  • Review and monitor treatment plans

Let us help you put patients first and improve your ability to provide a better care experience