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Ontario is seeing an influx of chronic and complex care patients with unique needs that are straining the entire health care system. In this new normal, professional care providers must work together across multiple organizations and specialties – while maintaining a Patient First approach. As a result, care coordination has never been more critical – or more challenging.

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Connected teams deliver more efficient health care

aTouchAway was built to connect the entire Circle of Care – the support network that forms around a person who requires professional care or treatment at any stage of the care continuum.  From temporary post-operative care to chronic disease management, an individual’s Circle of Care can include various clinicians and specialists to home-based Care Coordinators, personal support workers, mental health professionals, and of course family members or close friends.

We developed aTouchAway specifically to bridge the communication gaps between patients, their families, and care team members.  By ensuring that everyone supporting a person is fully informed and actively engaged, treatment and communication can be delivered more quickly and much more cost effectively.

Make the most of your team’s time and resources. Simplify remote patient support, care coordination, and service delivery right at the point of care. aTouchAway streamlines communications within each patient’s circle of care, making teams far more efficient.

Through an optional discrete alert system, aTouchAway makes it easy to request emergency assistance. Home care service providers can also use the system to detect falls, wandering episodes, or prolonged periods of client inactivity.


Instant Coordinated Care Plan (CCP) Access

Circle of Care members can access a patient’s up-to-date care plan on their mobile devices, anytime, from anywhere

Secure Information Sharing

Care team members can share patient information in text, video, and picture formats (aTouchAway is PHIPA, and HIPAA compliant)


Virtual visits

Care providers save time using video visits to check-in with patients



Remote patient monitoring

Quickly and easily set up medication reminders, schedule and monitor self-care activities, track adherence and compliance to treatment plans

Simplified wound care

Nurses and wound care specialists can connect easily for video consultations with Enterostomal Therapy Nurses (ETN) or clinicians, allowing teams to identify the right pathways more quickly, increasing both Time to Treatment and Time to Maintenance

Patient behaviour tracking & reporting

Track key metrics related to patient behaviour to continuously improve treatment and overall outcomes


Easy setup & use

For every circle of care member, aTouchAway can be up and running in minutes; the easy-to-use mobile and desktop app is even designed with complex care patients in mind

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