The Key to Better Complex Care? Improved Care-Plan Sharing

Coordinating care for patients has never been more difficult. And unless things change, this task will only get harder in the years ahead. If you work in health care, you’ve seen the trends. You know that chronic disease rates are growing (by a whopping 14% each year), along with the demand for services in the … Continued

Helping Long-Distance Patients Live Well With Remote Care

Patients who live outside of cities don’t always receive the best quality of care. And sometimes it may seem that delivering positive health outcomes just isn’t possible. For urban doctors with patients in remote areas, recognizing this inequality can be difficult – even heartbreaking. Many wish they could do more to help, but geography gets … Continued

How Technology Can Prevent Canada’s Looming Health Care Crisis

We’ve heard it many times before. Canada is headed for a health care crisis. Our system isn’t sustainable. Our aging population will bankrupt us. These ideas can make for compelling news stories, but they are perhaps a tad dramatic. Health care leaders and practitioners know that the factors impacting expenditures in the sector are complex. … Continued

The Best Way to Reduce Hospital Readmissions for Chronic Patients

We all know that hospital readmissions are bad for the healthcare system. They negatively impact government budgets and strain facility resources. Worse, they decrease quality of life for the patients involved. Unfortunately, readmissions are all too common. According to a recent study, 1 in 12 Canadian patients is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days … Continued

Home Care Technology: Adoption on the Front Lines is Now Critical

More than ever before, patients are receiving health care at home. But providing these services has become increasingly complicated. The population is aging, and complex care needs are on the rise. As providers adapt, home care technology is stepping in to fill the gaps. With the right technology, home care professionals can find and use … Continued

Building Real Circles of Care for Complex Patients at Home

Doctors, nurses, and medical specialists. Pharmacists. Paid caregivers and loving family members. These people are critical to the wellbeing of complex-needs patients. Together, they form circles of care. Now, more than ever, we’re aware of the importance of relationships in medical treatment and caregiving. These connections provide more than compassion and support. Strengthening them leads to … Continued

How Ontario is Providing Better Complex Care At Home

Treating patients with complex care needs at home isn’t easy. Often, it takes a whole team of caregivers and medical practitioners. The word “team” is critical here. If you’re involved in providing this type of care, you’re aware of what can happen when communication becomes fractured. Poor health outcomes for patients is one consequence. Increased … Continued

Top 3 Complex Care Challenges Facing Home Care Providers

The demand for home care is rising quickly. So is the number of patients with complex care needs. If you operate, manage, or work for a home care agency, you’re aware that these two trends are coming together to create some serious challenges.   In the years ahead, the business of caring for people at … Continued