4 Ways to Build Family Support for Patients Via Mobile App

If you’re a care coordinator, you pride yourself on the connections you form with patients. As a result, you may be hesitant to use new technology to communicate with them. After all, it’s often the ability to reach out and touch somebody that means the most. A patient’s family members may have similar concerns. The

4 Tips for Being an Effective Wound Care Champion

There’s never been a greater need for specialized wound care. With chronic disease rates on the rise, more patients are living with longterm wounds than ever before. Many of those who struggle most with wound-related symptoms live in their own homes. Outside of hospitals and other traditional care environments, infection and other complications can fly

In Home Care, What Do We Really Mean By Circle of Care?

In Home Care, What Do We Really Mean By Circle of Care?   Most healthcare providers have dealt with a tricky “circle of care” issue at one time or another.   Perhaps you’ve found yourself confused about the boundaries of implied consent, or had trouble navigating a situation where a patient’s decision-making capacity was in

5 Fall Prevention Tactics for Home Care Providers

5 Fall Prevention Tactics for Home Care Providers   Too often, falls are seen as inevitable. Home care providers know they aren’t.   Out of fear, older adults who have been diagnosed with conditions that increase the likelihood of falling may become inactive. Family members may begin looking into residential care — especially in cases

The Key to Wound Care Management in the Home? Collaboration

Caring for another person’s wound is, first and foremost, an act of compassion. Florence Nightingale, one of the few women permitted to treat wounds during the Crimean War, was praised for providing comfort and reassurance to the patients she cared for. Today, compassionate wound care is often delivered in the homes of patients. Home care

Home Care Technology: A New frontier in Health Care

In Ontario and across Canada, health care is changing. Policymakers are recognizing the benefits of expanding in-home medical services – especially for aging patients. These benefits go far beyond government savings to include a higher quality of life for those receiving care. Home care providers – from agency managers and directors to nurses, therapists, and

How to Live to be 100!

The secrets of a long life are becoming clear as centenarians in France are being studied for their longer and longer life spans! This CTV News article covers more of the specifics but one of the key things they mentioned was centenarians tended to be surrounded by their families, have close ties with their family

Free Mobile / Desktop aTouchAway Application

Free Mobile / Desktop aTouchAway Application Connecting families is a priority for Aetonix and we are happy to announce the release of our new free Mobile/Desktop aTouchAway Application.   Designed specifically to allow families to communicate easily, our application emphasizes simplicity and ease of use for high quality video and audio chat.  Our unique User Remote Management

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