You can ensure your family members are getting the best care possible, even when you can’t be with them.

The easy-to-use aTouchAway app allows seniors and others who need specialized care to connect with family members and other caregivers via video conference. Whether it’s an emergency situation or your relative just needs to check in with somebody, connecting is simple. Making a call is as easy as touching an image on a tablet or a button on the discrete personal bracelet (the bracelet is optional, and it’s sold separately). When a loved one is at risk of feeling socially isolated, connecting face-to-face is especially important.

Connect the Circle of Care

It’s not always easy to stay on top of the care a loved one is receiving. The aTouchAway app allows family members to connect face-to-face in real-time, so you can see firsthand how your loved one is doing and step in if help is needed. You’ll take comfort in knowing how easy it is for your relative to call you, a caregiver, or emergency personnel. Once you’ve downloaded aTouchAway onto your loved one’s tablet, these calls can be made by touching on-screen pictures. The optional emergency bracelet will alert caregivers (including family members who wish to receive notifications) if the wearer falls, wanders, or becomes inactive for an extended period.

Reduce Feelings of Isolation

For some seniors and people with complex-care needs, feelings of social isolation are a serious risk. Connecting with family can go a long way in reducing these feelings. By using aTouchAway, caregivers, including family members, can check in remotely when in-person visits aren’t possible.

* The wearable bracelet or pendant can be purchased separately.

My family and I love aTouchAway from Aetonix! We live in California, which can make communication with my mother challenging. aTouchAway allows us to talk with her daily, and have a virtual face-to-face interaction. She loves that she can simultaneously talk and see me, her grandchildren and other family members. The system allows us to share with her all that is going on around us. The program is extremely easy to use, which is beneficial for my mother who no longer has the capacity to keep up with ever-growing technological advances in the modern world. aTouchAway has helped to connect us, and bring extra joy to my mother, and our entire family. I highly recommend this app and hope that it brings as much happiness to your family members as it has ours.

Carol Gravelle

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