From those who operate group home facilities, it’s faster and simpler than ever to monitor calls, staff response times, and interactions between clients and caregivers.


With Aetonix, your clients are getting a wireless call bell, a fall and wandering detection system, and a lifeline when they need it. All a user needs to get started is the aTouchAway app on their tablet and an Aetonix bracelet. Seniors and those who need specialized care can use the bracelet to call for help from wherever they are, and caregivers can respond remotely. The app also reduces client isolation by making it possible for clients to have video conferences with family members at the touch of a button.


For facility managers, the Aetonix dashboard makes staff and client management easy with activity-monitoring and reporting features.

Increase the Mobility of Group Home Clients and Caregivers

Group homes use Aetonix to monitor for client falls and wandering episodes. Here’s how it works: residents wear Aetonix bracelets, and the aTouchAway app runs on tablets in the residents’ room. If an emergency arises, caregivers can use video communication to see what’s happening immediately, no matter where they are in the facility.

Caregivers can complete rounds more easily. Group home residents know they can summon help with the touch of a button, which allows them to enjoy the freedom of more mobility

Update Outdated Nurse Call Systems

Nurses can use Aetonix to better prioritize client calls for assistance. When a client requests help using their tablet or Aetonix bracelet, staff members can initiate two-way communication and real-time video to see exactly what’s happening. This action can be taken at anytime from the mobile devices and desktops of staff members. Caregiving staff will also receive real-time notifications if a client wearing the bracelet falls, wanders, or becomes inactive.

The Aetonix system is a scalable personal emergency solution that can be used by one resident or an entire facility of residents and caregivers.

Monitor Client Care

With Aetonix, you can monitor the care of each of your clients through a central dashboard. See which staff member responded to a call, what type of call they received, and how long the call lasted. Managers can use the dashboard to better understand staff members and their organization as a whole. Reports make it easy to keep track of events such as falls and wandering episodes.

Operate Your Facility More Efficiently

Monitor your staff and residents through Aetonix’s remote-monitoring platform. Set reminders, analyze data, and automatically generate reports to manage your operations more efficiently.





When a loved one is dying, time with family and friends is precious. Those who are unable to be in the same city often experience difficulty with not being able to share these important moments. Aetonix aTouchAway allows us to provide love and peace by connecting remote family members.

Suzanne Cassista


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