Image of an integrated care team at workOntario’s Long-Term Care Homes Act (LTCHA) was designed to ensure that residents of long-term care homes receive safe, integrated, quality care – care that is resident centered.  To successfully achieve this, collaboration and communication among residents, their families and friends, their caregivers and even volunteers is more necessary than ever.

For resident’s with a Coordinated Care Plan (CCP), deploying aTouchAway ensures that revisions or re-assessments of the Plan are well documented, approved and accurately tracked in a way that is easily produced when needed.  Traditionally, this is a costly and time consuming process for highly skilled care givers – comprising numerous phone calls over multiple shifts, faxing documents, and receiving approvals/signatures in hardcopy formats.  This is even more challenging in cases where there is a medical Power of Attorney or Substitute Decision Maker that needs to be involved in decision making and approvals.

By implementing a digital communications tool, this approval process is not only happening much faster, but is also well documented and shared with each stakeholder at the same time.  Accurate, real-time information sharing is saving Long Term Care and residential facilities both time and money and is taking administrative strain off the dedicated individuals charged with taking care of residents.

Improve outreach efficiency and accuracy

Caregivers no longer need to spend hours on the phone or standing at a fax machine.  With an integrated communications platform like aTouchAway, highly skilled personnel are spending more of their time engaging with residents and their families.

Real-time notifications and alerts

Staff members use aTouchAway to quickly prioritize client calls for assistance. When a client requests help using their tablet or a discrete security bracelet, staff members can initiate two-way communication and real-time video to see exactly what is happening. This action can be taken at any time from mobile devices or staff computers. Real-time notifications of residents’ physical location, sudden movements (like falling) or periods of prolonged inactivity can be automated with ease.

Deploy resources effectively

Monitor the care of each resident through a central dashboard. See which staff member responded to a call, what type of call they received, and how long the call lasted. Managers and administrators are using the intuitive dashboards to make more efficient use of staff members and their organization as a whole. Customizable reports make it easy to track metrics, analyse trends and deploy resources where they’ll have the most impact.

Operate more efficiently

Monitor staff and residents with remote-monitoring platform. Set reminders, analyze data, and automatically generate reports to manage your operations more efficiently.


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