Home care service providers and health care professionals (such as nurses, personal support workers, care Image to download wound care documentaides, etc.) use aTouchAway to support clients and each other via video conferencing, exchanging critical information, and performing remote face-to-face check-in visits. aTouchAway enables the people within a client’s circle of care to connect anytime, from anywhere.

Built specifically for clients with complex care needs, the Aetonix aTouchAway app is secure, mobile accessible and easy use. By simply touching an image on a touchscreen tablet, clients can establish a face-to-face meeting with a caregiver – whether it’s a family member, home care worker, or Care Coordinator.

Through an optional discrete alert system, aTouchAway makes it easy to request emergency assistance. Home care service providers can also use the system to detect falls, wandering episodes, or prolonged periods of client inactivity.


Remote Check-In

Perform check-in visits, provide client reminders, and manage medication use remotely. Workers can also monitor for falls and wandering when clients use an optional bracelet that is fully integrated with the application. With three-way conferencing, off-site family members and outside healthcare professionals can be involved in real-time conversations, creating integrated communications across a client’s entire circle of care.

Remote Support from Healthcare Specialists

aTouchAway helps take some of the time and administrative pressures off support staff members and specialists. Specialists can more efficiently share expertise and coach staff through procedures (such as those related to wound care). As a result, staff can visit more clients in less time, increasing the number of clients who can receive assistance each day. Other benefits include increased skills development and capacity for caregiving staff and a better patient experience (shorter time to treatment, more accurate pathways). The result is more effective care, higher client and family engagement, and best of all, faster time to better health.

Reporting Dashboard

The aTouchAway reporting dashboard allows home care service providers to view the health and safety status of clients in real-time. Those responsible for managing multiple clients can analyze data and report on events such as treatment compliance, fall occurrences, wandering episodes, and medication adherence (among other events).

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