Home care service providers and health care professionals (such as nurses and care aides) use Aetonix to support each other via video conferencing, exchange critical information, and perform remote face-to-face check-in visits with clients. Aetonix enables the people within a client’s circle of care to connect at anytime, from anywhere.

Built specifically for seniors and clients with complex care needs, the Aetonix aTouchAway app is simple to use. By touching an image on a touchscreen tablet, clients can establish a face-to-face meeting with a caregiver.

Through its personal medical alert system, Aetonix makes it easy for clients to request emergency assistance. Home care service providers can also use the system to detect falls, wandering, and prolonged periods of client inactivity.

Remote Check-In

Home care workers can use aTouchAway to perform remote check-in visits, provide client reminders, and manage medication use. Workers can also monitor for falls and wandering when clients use the Aetonix bracelet. With three-way conferencing, off-site family members and outside healthcare professionals can be looped into conversations, creating better communication across a client’s circle of care.

Remote Support from Healthcare Specialists

At home care agencies, Aetonix takes the pressure off of supporting staff members and specialists. Specialists can more efficiently share expertise and coach staff through procedures (such as those related to wound care). As a result, staff can visit more clients in less time, which increases the number of clients who can receive visits each day. Other benefits include increased skill development and capacity for caregiving staff (who are able to learn from specialists more often) and a better client experience (as specialized care is provided in a more timely manner). The result is more effective care and higher client and family engagement.

Enterprise Dashboard

The Aetonix enterprise dashboard allows home care service providers to view the health and safety status of clients in real-time. Those responsible for managing care can analyze data and report on events such as client calls, falls, wandering episodes, and medication adherence (among other events).

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