Installing and learning to use aTouchAway is a quick and easy process comprised of two main components.  A third reporting module is used primarily by administrators and program managers taking care of patient/client groups.

tablet view

The end user uses a touch-screen tablet and can connect to their Care Plan and to anyone in their Circle of Care with aTouchAway installed

Image of aTouchAway on an end-user's tablet

  • Built specifically for non-technical users
  • No intricate passwords or complicated logins
  • Designed for all types of users, regardless of age

Care Provider
mobile interface

Image of aTouchAway on a mobile phone

  • aTouchAway mobile interface (iOS, Android)
  • For people connected to a person’s Circle of Care

reporting dashboard

Image of a sample aTouchAway dashboard

  • Intuitive reporting dashboard
  • Monitor calls and interactions
  • Track response times
  • Generate, analyze and export reports


Discrete wearable emergency call wristband Aetonix also offers an optional personal emergency bracelet that is fully integrated with aTouchAway.

A discrete wearable, the bracelet helps improve individual safety by setting up alerts for things like wandering outside “safe zones”, potential falls, or missed appointments.


Reduce feelings of isolation

Connect through face-to-face video chats in real time. More personal than email or phone calls, video calling allows you to see and interact with each other firsthand. When you can’t be there in person, use aTouchAway to be there remotely – providing everyone in the Circle of Care with peace of mind.

Remote visits and Care Plan updates

Care providers of all kinds are using aTouchAway for virtual visits.  Connecting via video provides real-time check-ins with users – enabling more frequent communications.  Having the Care Plan fully integrated in the app, updates, changes or approvals are available 24/7.  When integrated with a discrete personal bracelet, client safety is greatly improved by setting up alerts for things like wandering outside “safe zones”, potential falls, or even missed appointments.

Reporting and metrics for administrators of client groups or care facilities

aTouchAway logs each interaction between caregivers and clients; making it easy to reference an individual’s history quickly via the dashboard. Monitor calls and number of interactions, track response times, access the integrated Care Plan – anytime, from anywhere. Generate reports and analyze automatically-compiled data to keep your operations running efficiently.

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