Aetonix aTouchAway is a personal emergency alert system designed for seniors and others with complex care needs. With Aetonix, healthcare professionals speak with and assess clients directly through a 3 way conference call, prioritize and respond to emergencies and conference with other professionals; family can be kept in the loop, and clients feel more connected and empowered.

A caregiver or family member can remotely configure the functionality of the aTouchAway. The remote configuration includes accepting/inviting contacts, setting up reminders, managing the user’s information, setting up default language, uploading the user’s picture, adjusting weather units and the number of pictures on screen without page changing, and many more. 3 way conference support, and medication reminders, and that account could be manage remotely.

The ease of use increases family and client engagement with each other and caregivers, completing the circle of care.


Our product features:

No complicated logins or passwords required: All it takes is the touch of a button for a user to video conference for help, a consultation or to say hello to family.
Increases mobility: Seniors and others with complex care needs can make and receive calls and signal emergencies wherever they are through tablets or bracelets*. Caregivers, family members or emergency personnel can respond from anywhere.
The wearable personal emergency bracelet can alert caregivers if the user falls, wanders too far away or is inactive for a prolonged period.
Issues related to social isolation are reduced when seniors and others who need care can connect quickly and easily with loved ones and caregivers.
The bracelet is waterproof, so rain, showers and baths won’t mean an emergency goes unreported.
The reporting dashboard means caregivers and facility managers can monitor clients’ needs and responses to those needs remotely, increasing efficiencies and improving care.

* The Aetonix wearable bracelet or pendant can be purchased separately


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