With Aetonix, healthcare professionals can speak with and assess clients remotely, prioritize and respond to emergencies, and conference with specialists and colleagues. The app can be used to keep families in the loop and help clients feel more connected and empowered. In essence, Aetonix helps strengthen and connect the circles of care around patients.

For the person receiving care, a tablet is the only equipment necessary to use aTouchAway, the Aetonix app. The Aetonix personal emergency bracelet is often connected to the app for added benefits. For caregivers or family members, a mobile device or desktop computer is required for remote monitoring.


For Safer, More Empowered Users

Designed for those with complex care needs, Aetonix doesn’t rely on passwords or complicated login processes. It’s easy for users to accept and make video calls to family members, caregivers, or emergency personnel. Users can also receive critical medical reminders through the aTouchAway app.

For Families of Seniors and Those With Complex Care Needs

Connect with your loved one through face-to-face video chats in real time. See how your family member is doing firsthand. When you can’t be there in person, you can still use Aetonix to be there remotely.

For Home Care and Personal Support Workers

Caregivers can use Aetonix to visit clients remotely. By checking in face-to-face through video, caregivers can offer day-to-day assistance while providing clients with greater independence. As a home care worker, you can also improve client safety by choosing to receive notifications if wandering episodes, falls, or miss appointments occur. Aetonix logs interactions between caregivers and clients automatically; it’s easy to reference client care histories using your dashboard.

For Group Home Facility Managers

Monitor calls and interactions between caregivers and clients using the Aetonix dashboard. Track staff response times. Generate reports and analyze automatically-compiled data to keep your operations running efficiently.


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