Enabling you to improve delivery of in-home complex care

Manage your client’s care and communicate with their specialists, family members, even other care givers from virtually anywhere, on your schedule.


Video calling enables remote check-ins – see and interact with clients more frequently.  Add any member of a client’s circle of care for in-context 3-way video conferencing.

Secure information sharing – care team members can confidently share patient information in text, video, and picture formats knowing it’s safe (PHIPA & HIPAA).

View and modify Coordinated Care Plans in real-time. Approvals for changes are requested, received, tracked and implemented quickly and easily – on your schedule.

Efficient support for clients – and each other

Affordable and easy-to-use, the aTouchAway mobile app can dramatically increase home care providers’ ability to :

  • establish customized Circle of Care contacts for each client, in one central app
  • check in with individual clients and their supporters more frequently
  • monitor client medications, appointments, and self-care activities
  • streamline information sharing and outreach to client care supporters
  • confer with and learn from specialists in different disciplines who are also supporting your clients

Video Calling and Virtual Visits

Video calling enables remote check-ins – see and interact with clients more frequently

3-way video conferencing allows for integrated conversations with a client’s entire circle of care

Provides context that email or phone can’t – more accurately assess a client’s well being

Learn from specialists who can share expertise or provide virtual coaching for basic procedures

Set your availability to on or off-line in accordance with your schedule / hours

Engage with care team members in group chat / text messages

Help clients help themselves

  • Help clients keep track of medications, self-care activity and appointments
  • Monitor compliance, track progress, modify pathways
  • Set customized alarms or reminders or push “surveys” to clients
  • Ask clients for self-assessments for things like Pain Scale Ratings, mood levels, activity reporting etc. Fully customizable with easy to follow rating scales and yes / no question modelling
  • Provide notes, images or educational information

Coordinated Care Plans (CCP)

  • Maintain Coordinated Care Plans – anytime, from anywhere
  • Secure Information Sharing – care team members can share patient information in text, video, and picture formats (aTouchAway is PHIPA and HIPAA compliant)
  • aTouchAway Enterprise integrates with some EMR / database systems – contact us to see if the system your organization is using can be setup for automatic data transfer.
Example of health statistics dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

  • View the health and safety status of clients in real-time
  • Analyze data and report on events such as compliance, falls, wandering episodes, and medication adherence
  • Generate reports on demand, export them to Excel for in-depth analyses
  • Monitor interactions with clients, and optimize response times

Personal Safety Bracelet for Clients (optional)

Through an optional discrete alert system, aTouchAway makes it easy to request emergency assistance. Home care service providers often recommend the personal security bracelet for high risk clients to detect falls, wandering episodes, or prolonged periods of inactivity.

Lady with a cane getting a helping hand