Reduce your Waitlist


Prepare patients and their loved ones for upcoming surgeries.  From alleviating anxiety to improved outcomes, informed and prepared patients benefit from improved compliance and reduced re-admissions.


Quickly and easily automate routine, manual processes into a Workflow.  Ideal for automating Consent forms, remote symptom assessments – anytime you need to specify specific actions based on a particular result.



Acquire, track and report vital signs from common home health monitoring devices.  Access results remotely to see if intervention may be warranted, or make immediate adjustments to care plans or specific protocols

Speed up your practice without compromising quality

Manage your patients’ care and communicate with specialists, family members, even other care givers from virtually anywhere, on your schedule.

How is Digital Patient Management simplifying the surgical process?

Joint replacement to home - in under 6 hours?

More Patients, better outcomes. What’s not to like?

Leveraging efficiencies and providing superior, patient-centric care are no longer mutually exclusive. Implementing a digital patient management system is letting surgeons spend more time operating, invest less time on administration and follow up and best of all patients are completing their recovery cycles with far fewer return visits.

  • streamline patient education and preparation – reduced the burden on personnel and resources
  • minimize patient anxiety and make it easier for patients to follow important preparation instructions
  • virtual post-operative monitoring gets patients out of hospital beds and allows recovery at home
  • develop custom workflows for home recovery to allow for more attentive post-op care
  • more frequent check-ins significantly reduce – or prevent – emergent complications and re-admissions



Virtual Visits, Remote Assessments, Coaching

Video calling enables remote check-ins – see and interact with clients more frequently

3-way video conferencing allows for integrated conversations with a client’s entire circle of care

Provides context that email or phone can’t – more accurately assess a client’s well being

Learn from specialists who can share expertise or provide virtual coaching for basic procedures

Set your availability to on or off-line in accordance with your schedule / hours

Engage with care team members in group chat / text messages

Help clients help themselves

  • Help clients keep track of medications, self-care activity and appointments
  • Monitor compliance, track progress, modify pathways
  • Set customized alarms or reminders or push “surveys” to clients
  • Ask clients for self-assessments for things like Pain Scale Ratings, mood levels, activity reporting etc. Fully customizable with easy to follow rating scales and yes / no question modelling
  • Provide notes, images or educational information

Recovery / Care Plans

    • Maintain Care Plans or recovery instructions – anytime, from anywhere
    • Secure Information Sharing – care team members can share patient information in text, video, and picture formats
    • Monitor, track and trend patient adherence to instructions or self-care activities

aTouchAway Enterprise integrates with some EMR / database systems – contact us to see if the system your organization is using can be setup for automatic data transfer.

Example of health statistics dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

  • View the health and safety status of clients in real-time
  • Analyze data and report on events such as compliance, falls, wandering episodes, and medication adherence
  • Generate reports on demand, export them to Excel for in-depth analyses
  • Monitor interactions with clients, and optimize response times

Contact us for more information on surgical use cases of aTouchAway