Residential / Long Term Care

Streamline operations and deploy resources for maximum efficiency.

Real time notifications, information sharing and robust reporting dramatically increases efficiency, accuracy and resource management.

Act on questions or requests on your schedule – respond immediately, or store unactioned tasks for other shifts



Approvals for Care Plan changes are requested, received, tracked and implemented quickly – even for patients with designated medical Power of Attorney or Substitute Decision Makers


Care plans are shared across a individual’s entire Circle of Care – information is shared once, and is accessible 24/7 (by authorized parties).



Deploy Resources for Maximum Effectiveness

  • Coordinated Care Plan (CCP) revisions and approvals are obtained and documented quickly – skilled personnel spend their time engaging with residents and their families, not standing at fax machines or spending hours on the phone.
  • Every authorized party involved in caring for a patient has access to real-time, accurate information – between shifts, locations and disciplines.
Asynchronous approvals
Example of health statistics dashboard

Reporting, Metrics & Analyses

  •  Monitor the care of each resident through a central dashboard. See which staff member responded to a call, what type of call they received, and how long calls.
  • Managers and administrators rely on easy-to- use, intuitive dashboards to make more efficient use of staff members and their organization as a whole.
  • Customizable reports make it easy to track metrics, analyse trends and deploy resources where they’ll have the most impact.

Operating Systems & EMR Integrations

  • Easy-to-use for non-technical users – minimal learning curve, high user adoption.
  • Mobile device agnostic – both iOS and Android.
  • aTouchAway Enterprise integrates with some EMR / database systems – contact us to see if the system your organization is using can be setup for automatic data transfer
Discrete wearable for wandering and fall detection

Wandering / Fall Detection / Call Bell

  • Quickly prioritize client calls for assistance. When a client requests help using their tablet or a discrete security bracelet, staff can initiate two-way communication and real-timeideo to see exactly what is happening.
  • Real-time notifications of residents’ physical location, sudden movements (like falling) or periods of prolonged inactivity can be automated with ease.