Prevent Social Isolation by Virtual Communication

For Senior Citizens and Family Members

Social isolation or quarantining at this time is highly encouraged, and rightly so, to stop community spread of COVID-19. Thus most senior centres, retirement homes, and nursing homes have blocked public or visitor access into their facilities to keep both the residents and visitors safe. But what implications does such actions and attitudes have on senior citizens who are living in such facilities? In many of such cases, they already feel isolated from society. Even further cries of isolation because of COVID-19 has psychological ramifications on both our senior citizens who are on lockdown, and also their family members who want to maintain communication with them at this time. 

The good news is social isolation does not mean virtual isolation. If anything, virtual means of communication should fill the void where ever  in person communication is barred. It is perfect for a time like this, when we are all trying to stay safe by maintaining social distancing. By using our app aTouchAway, a tablet and an internet connection, we are able to connect senior citizens to their family members and vice versa, all over the nation and beyond. Communicate in your native language. Our app is available in English, French, Chinese(Both Traditional and Simplified), Spanish and Portuguese.

How Does it work?

The Short Version

Set up your loved one and all family members with aTouchAway by following the steps below. Read the long version for more details.

Inquire about the Cost of tablet by scheduling a call with us.

The Long Version

Ideally, we ship a preconfigured locked tabet to you. A preconfigured tablet has two advantages:

1) It already comes loaded with aTouchAway, so you need not worry about set up. All one has to do is power up the tablet, and be ready to call!

2) It is fully customizable. We can place big images of all the person’s family members on the home screen, where all they have to do is tap on the picture to start a video call. Its is extremely user friendly, to the point where  anyone can get used to it. The home screen will always be there for the person to see, the pictures and names will jog their memory, and they can initiate calls by tapping different family members, all from one screen. Remember, this is just one example of what can be done, but a popular one, which we have been doing for our clients. See Barb’s post for example. We can customize the software to whatever the contact’s family wishes to have on it. Adding reminders to the system could be another example, where a notification pops up on the home screen, reminding the person that they should call their family.

The monthly subscription fee to use aTouchAway is $15 + cost of the tablet.

What If you Want to Use Your Own tablet?

You may use your own tablet, but we recommend using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. If you have other tablets that you want to use, then you will have to forego the locking of the tablet. It will still retain all the features of our app aTouchAway, and you can customize it to how you please, but the home screen of the tablet cannot be locked. This poses a risk for senior citizens to exit the app.

Hence, we strongly encourage you to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, or get it from us as we have in on stock. Please get in touch with us to learn about pricing. 

How will the Tablet Connect to the Internet?

If the person’s place of residence has an accessible wifi connection, then the tablet will simply connect to wifi. If the person’s place of residence does not have an accessible wifi connection, then you can use a tablet with cell connection, or we can ship a tablet with cellular connectivity so it can use data from the cell towers. There is quite a difference in terms of cost between the two options, so please get in touch with us to learn more.

What is the Experience like for the Family Members?

From the family member’s side of things, the user experience is very straight forward. All they will have to is download our app and they are ready to go. Our app is device agnostic, so it works on all devices including android phones, iOS phones (Apple), windows computers and Macs. Download it and be ready to communicate. If your family member who is quarantined elsewhere is also in need of healthcare support, rest assured, aTouchAway is a medical grade software application that is normally used by hospitals and clinics. So alongside you, any healthcare professional such as a primary care physician, telehealth nurse, or social worker can join your communication network that you have with your family member. This is the great advantage we have over other communication apps meant for consumer such as facetime or skype. Not only can they not be customized and locked, which is the case with us, but healthcare professionals will not be able to use them for security issues (if that need ever arises).

Here is a table that summarizes the aTouchAway advantage.


So then, in these special times when self isolation is being preached, do not let it stop you from staying in touch virtually. Stay connected with your loved ones with aTouchAway. Schedule a call with us to get set up.