Connecting the Circle of Care

aTouchAway is a secure communication and information sharing platform designed to connect healthcare providers, patients, and family members - on one easy-to-use digital platform.

(PHIPA & HIPAA compliant)
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• Easily share real-time information across the entire Circle of Care regardless of how many providers are involved

• Track treatment or Coordinated Care Plans, communicate changes or updates, and stay informed of a patient’s progress

• At a glance monitoring of compliance - including managing appointments, taking medications, performing self care, etc.

• Optional instant emergency notifications through a discrete bracelet for issues like potential falls, wandering episodes, critical incidents

Integrating Care at Home

Healthcare professionals and family caregivers use aTouchAway to stay connected from anywhere. From virtual visits and remote check-ins, to managing appointments and reminders, aTouchAway makes staying connected easy. We can also incorporate an optional personal safety bracelet for added peace of mind.

Easy to use

Designed for clients with complex care needs, aTouchAway does not require passwords or rely on complicated login processes. A client can make or receive an audio or video call by touching a picture on a touchscreen or pressing a button on a safety bracelet. Clients can easily signal emergencies and view appointments and medication reminders.

Efficiencies, tracking & reporting

With the aTouchAway dashboard, you can easily review client data related to falls, wandering, emergency situations, medical reminders, and calls that have been sent and received.

Generate reports on demand, export them to Excel, analyze your data, monitor staff interactions with clients, and optimize response times.

The Next Best Thing to being There

You can't always be there when you want to be but with aTouchAway, you can stay in touch face-to-face with easy video, audio and text messaging. No matter how large a person's support network may be, care providers can be added to the Circle of Care with no additional costs.

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