Create a Virtual Circle of care

Use your mobile device to monitor, report on, and establish face-to-face video communication with your clients - all in real time and from wherever you are. HIPAA Compliant


Use your mobile or desktop to check-in with clients face-to-face through video. Respond to emergencies, monitor falls and wandering, and manage medication reminders. Have three-way video conferences with healthcare professionals and family members, and keep family in the loop.

Transform Home Care

Client health and security is our top priority. Personal support workers can use Aetonix to perform scheduled or impromptu remote check-in visits from any location. Healthcare professionals and family members can receive instant notifications on their mobile devices if a client wanders or falls. Care providers can manage appointments and medication reminders remotely, ensuring client adherence.

Empower your clients

Designed for clients with complex care needs, the Aetonix app doesn’t require passwords or rely on complicated login processes. A client can make or receive a call by touching a picture on a touchscreen or pressing a button on a safety bracelet. Clients can easily signal emergencies and view appointments and medication reminders. Having a face-to-face conversation with those in the circle of care has never been so simple.

Manage your operations

With the Aetonix dashboard, you can monitor client data related to falls, wandering, emergency situations, medical reminders, and calls that have been sent and received.

Generate reports on demand, export them to Excel, analyze your data, monitor staff interactions with clients, and optimize your organization’s response time.

The Next Best Thing to being here

When family is far away, it can be hard to get a sense of how a loved one is doing. Connecting with Aetonix is a great way to stay in touch, face-to-face. The app is free for family members.

We'll call you.

US patent #9,491,206 and other patents pending