Connecting Clinicians and Patients Through Pathways of Care

Unveil the potential of remote patient management with our extensive suite of over 25 customizable care pathways.

Documented Success with aTouchAway®

Real-world evidence demonstrates aTouchAway®’s effectiveness in reducing hospital visits and enhancing patient management.


reduction in


lower 30-day COPD hospital readmission rates


of patients report better symptom-management


of patients report feeling a higher sense of security


reduction in hospital readmissions

aTouchAway® Simplifies Processes for Healthcare Professionals and the Lives of Patients

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Amplifying Healthcare Expertise and Resources

Elevate healthcare provision with aTouchAway®’s robust suite of tools, fostering efficient provider workflows and empowering patients in their own care management.

Secure Virtual Interaction

Confidential communication over a protected health information network with video conferencing and messaging.

Proactive Health Monitoring

Connected devices, whether the patient’s own or provided through the Aetonix® Kit, immediately relay critical health metrics, facilitating prompt and precise medical responses.

Management of Care Plans

Implement, oversee, and adjust comprehensive care strategies at a systemic level.

Standardized Clinical Processes

Integrate automated clinical guidelines tailored to specific patient requirements.

Analytical Dashboards

Track patient progress, personalize dashboard views, and dissect health data for insights.

Continuous Support

Rely on our P2P logistics and dedicated customer success team to assist you every step of the way in your healthcare delivery evolution.

Improve Patient Outcomes with Aetonix®’s Care Pathway

Enhance the experience and outcomes of patients with complex care needs through customized care pathways enabling the patient recovery and rehabilitation process.

Condition-Specific Pathways

Designed to address specific health conditions and procedures with precision.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Fosters teamwork across healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers.

Empowering Guidance

Supports proactive health coaching and patient guidance at every step.

Intelligent Monitoring

Offers a responsive care experience with real-time, intelligent tracking for timely intervention.

Customized Access

Ensures secure, role-based access to information, aligning with individual care roles.

Streamlined Efficiency

Simplifies workflow, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances the efficiency of care delivery.

aTouchAway® Through the Eyes of Our Users

Bridging the gap between patients and providers no matter your healthcare practice.


aTouchAway® cuts patient stay duration and enables safe, effective home care.

Community Paramedicine

aTouchAway® boosts stakeholder teamwork, better health outcomes, and cuts care costs.

Community Care

aTouchAway® strengthens care consistency and assures reliable post-discharge plans.

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