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Explore our innovative Care Pathways designed to revolutionize patient care management.

Our solutions cater to various conditions, providing personalized and effective care plans.

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Transforming Patient Care with Advanced Pathways

Discover how our Care Pathways are transforming patient care. These pathways blend medical expertise with technology to deliver personalized care for various conditions, focusing on both treatment and patient empowerment.

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Chronic Care Pathways

Our Chronic Care Pathways cater to conditions like COPD, Diabetes, and Heart Failure, ensuring continuous and comprehensive support for long-term health management.

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Acute Care Pathways

Our Acute Care Pathways offer focused care for urgent medical needs, such as post-surgery and COVID-19 treatments, promoting swift and safe recovery.

Deliver a Seamless, Personalized Patient Journey

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Personalized Care Plans

Each pathway is tailored to individual patient needs, ensuring a unique and effective care strategy for one or more conditions while considering procedures and care transitions.

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Efficient Care Management

Our pathways streamline the care process through real-time intelligent tracking, making it easier for healthcare providers to manage and monitor patient progress.

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Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Focus on improving patient health and reducing hospital readmissions through targeted evidence-based care. This is made possible by the care pathways’ ability to account for the different outcomes that may occur and direct patients to the relevant sequence in the workflow.

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Documented Success with aTouchAway®

Real-world evidence demonstrates aTouchAway®’s effectiveness in reducing hospital visits and enhancing patient management.

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reduction in


lower 30-day COPD hospital readmission rates


of patients report better symptom-management


of patients report feeling a higher sense of security


reduction in hospital readmissions

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