Facilitating acute, chronic, and complex patient care through customizable care pathways.


Elevating the Delivery of Care

Customized Solutions

Our variety of clinical care pathways can be personalized to the patient’s current and evolving needs to facilitate remote management. All are available either though our Aetonix® Kit or the patient’s own device.

Dynamic Care

aTouchAway® harmonizes care delivery by connecting and fostering ease of communication between patients, families, and caregivers.

Continuous Training & Support

Count on our rigorous training courses, help center resources, point-to-point logistics, and customer success team, all dedicated to supporting you along your journey.

Transforming Healthcare Connectivity for Advance Care and Enhanced Outcomes


aTouchAway® Features

aTouchAway®’s comprehensive features enable you to strengthen the remote patient management in your practice.

Ensure uninterrupted flow of care with our virtual communication platform. Connect patients, caregivers, and care team members with a secure private health information hub.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Effortlessly engage in group video calls with patients, caregivers, or even include a third participant when necessary. Initiate video calls with a single touch, ensuring constant connectivity through simplicity.

Secure Messaging

Communicate with confidence through our encrypted secure text messaging system. Exchange information within your circle of care, fostering trust and safeguarding patients’ vital health data.

File Storage and Transfer

Share images, videos, and essential documents as attachments with patients. Files are protected and temporary, expiring after 72 hours, prioritizing the utmost confidentiality in your practice.

Patients can actively participate in their healthcare journey. Seamlessly collect vital signs data using a variety of health monitoring devices and enable patients to share this information with their care team, regardless of location. Here’s how we’re transforming the way you monitor and manage patient health:

Comprehensive Vital Signs Collection

Access a comprehensive health overview for your patients and easily monitor crucial vital signs with our kit or mobile devices, measuring oxygen saturation, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, temperature, and activity.

 Thresholds and Alerting

Take proactive care actions with ease by setting multiple thresholds for vital signs. If any readings deviate from these thresholds, you’ll receive immediate alerts, ensuring timely intervention when it matters most.

Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor your patients’ health in real-time with our intuitive dashboard, offering a color-coded overview prioritized by criticality. This insight enables informed decisions and efficient resource allocation.

Efficiently manage patient care plans at an organizational or departmental level. This streamlined approach keeps care team members consistently informed about progress, pending tasks, and upcoming steps. Our system allows flexible team expansion, with unlimited members and strategic privilege assignments based on roles for optimized collaboration.

Top-down Customization

Customize the application for each patient with real-time approval management. Adjust interface settings, control patient access, and give specific privileges to care team members for tailored care.

Reminders and Prompts

Enhance patient adherence with timely reminders, covering medication, hydration, pain assessments, or tracking daily. Identify non-compliance risks for proactive follow-up and necessary care plan adjustments.

Customized Shareable Care Plans

aTouchAway® forms a comprehensive patient care circle, providing access to essential resources and guidance for all members. Share secure care plans with controlled access permissions, including family members.

Our clinical workflow automates predefined steps and executes clinical protocols for the circle of care. We aim to simplify care pathway creation, alleviating the burden on healthcare professionals. Our intuitive system ensures prompt notifications for required interventions based on established workflows.

Custom Protocols

Customize each patient’s care journey with personalized workflow instances featuring unique settings and conditions. Actions may include prompts for vital sign measurements, surveys, or educational materials.


In the workflow definition, specify care team members for alerts based on conditions. Alert triggers may include a sequence of survey questions, vital signs deviation, or non-responsive/adherent patients.

Workflow Templates

We provide out-of-the-box templates for conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, and diabetes. You can modify the templates, customize them fully, or use them as is.

Dashboards function as an organizational command center and information repository, providing a platform to analyze program success and patient data trends. Zoom in on specific patients for detailed interface or care plan management. Customize the dashboard setup and partition data for optimal organizational benefit.

Patient Risk Stratification

Categorize patients by level of risk based on workflow status, vital signs thresholds, and compliance allowing you to prioritize more urgent cases. Analyze longitudinal data and identify trends that warrant further inspection.

Complete Overview of Patient History

 See past vital signs, reminders, workflow results, forms information, and call history, all in one place. Easily export this data in PDF or CSV format and share it with members of the circle of care.


Define groups of staff according to specializations, as well as groups of patients who may require specialized care, and assign specific staff and resources to these patients for more tailored care.

A Variety of Dynamic and Customizable Care Pathways

A solution that easily adapts to complex and post-acute care journeys.

  • Customized Shareable Care Plans
  • Deviation Alerts
  • Top-down Customization
  • Reminders and Prompts
  • Workflow Templates
  • Custom Protocols

aTouchAway® Simplifies Processes for Healthcare Professionals and the Lives of Patients

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Documented Success with aTouchAway®

Real-world evidence demonstrates aTouchAway®’s effectiveness in reducing hospital visits and enhancing patient management.


reduction in


lower 30-day COPD hospital readmission rates


of patients report better symptom-management


of patients report feeling a higher sense of security


reduction in hospital readmissions

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