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Care Transition

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As a patient transitions from ICU to ward, and then from hospital to home, continuity of care is essential. We help hospitals transition patients smoothly by keeping professionals and caregivers connected and coordinated.

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Clear plans for continuity of care support better recovery, with stronger patient engagement.

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With a program in place to ensure continuity, patients can be transitioned sooner, without disruptions to their care.

Illustration of people around a clock, calendar and hourglass representing the reduced length of stay for patients as they transition without disruptions to their care
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Improved communication between staff minimizes lost time and optimizes time spent actually providing care.

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The regular interaction that patients get out of this helps us, as providers, ensure that they’re having the best experience with their care while reinforcing the fact that care doesn’t have to stop at a hospital’s doors.

Dr. Daniel Cornejo Palma, MD

General Surgery Resident, Women’s College Research Institute

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