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Patients can feel isolated for many reasons—socioeconomic circumstances, an event such as a pandemic, or travel abroad, to name just a few. In any situation where access to healthcare professionals or other caregivers is limited, we help patients stay connected and engaged.

Social Isolation

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A key factor in successful recovery and maintaining a high level of care is to keep patients connected with their circle of care: caregivers, loved ones, and professionals.

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When one-on-one visits are not possible, virtual contact offers essential connection. Our protocols guide clinical teams in providing remote care and keeping patients aligned with their care plan.

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Reduced readmission

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Providing remote care to isolated patients reduces the incidence of hospital readmission, helping to save on travel costs and system costs.

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They have been very easy to set up and use and have been well received by the staff and by the families of our patients. They have made the most upsetting and difficult times a little bit easier by bringing our patients’ families in touch with, and able to see, their loved ones.

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