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Monitoring Patients at Home

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Patients with special needs often require assistance with day-to-day care at home. We help organizations develop custom programs for using our platform to guide and coach patients at home while monitoring their status.

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Coach patients through care pathways and telehealth to help them stick within care plan guidelines.

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When patient travel is impossible or unsafe, remote care is the solution. We keep patients and caregivers connected with the rest of the circle of care, from the safety of the home environment.

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Pregnant patient on video chat with doctor to monitor progress and proactively adjust plans for a healthy pregnancy

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By monitoring patients’ condition and staying connected with their network, healthcare professionals can proactively adjust care plans to guide patients toward better outcomes.

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I see the impact in helping chronic patients at home is that we’re moving from a coordinated care model to more of a connected care model and patients feel more engaged. They feel more empowered and they kind of feel like the CEO of their own state of affairs and I think that’s really important.

James Thompson

Healthcare Affairs Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

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