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Chronic Disease Management

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Patients with multiple chronic conditions have complicated care needs. We help your remote patients adhere to complex care programs through telehealth, care coordination, remote patient monitoring, and education.

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Educating patients, engaging them in their own care, and taking timely actions all contribute to better health outcomes.

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Patients with multiple chronic conditions are often readmitted to hospital as a result of unexpected changes to their health. Engaging and monitoring these patients helps to detect problems early and avoid unnecessary readmission.

Illustration of woman on smartphone using a chronic disease management application to communicate symptom changes with doctor, thus eliminating need of hospital readmission
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Travelling to conduct patient visits costs time and money. Replacing in-person visits with online assessments increases efficiency and minimizes expenses.

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The Aetonix system allows for care conferencing; to be able to connect with other care professionals, to establish patient centred goals, to look at the care team, to determine together how we can best achieve health and wellness for the patient.

Laurie Hebert, Registered Nurse

Care Coordinator, AROW Health Link

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