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Canada’s 10 Most Prominent Telehealth Solution Providers in 2020

In the quest to find Canada’s 10 Most Prominent Telehealth Solution Providers in 2020—crossed with Michel Paquet, the Founder and CEO of Aetonix. After keenly observing the healthcare industry, Michel realized that there was a gap between the patients and healthcare professionals. As a result, patients were not able to receive the right prognosis or treatment. It was to address this issue that Michel started Aetonix Systems. logo. "Où la technologie rencontre les affaires"

COVID and staffing pressures forcing healthcare to double down on remote care

For those receiving treatment in ICU, meeting with family members in person can be challenging. Noticing that its ICU is rapidly filling up, the United Kingdom implemented a teleconferencing solution developed with Aetonix Systems, Samsung, Google and others. The tool has been deployed in 175 hospitals since its development.

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Made-in-Ottawa technology connecting loved ones with a single touch

Kim Schrader often becomes emotional when she talks about her patients at the Queensway Carleton Hospital, but she’s worried about their families, too. With visits halted nearly two months ago due to COVID-19, Schrader, the clinical manager of the hospital’s rehabilitation and transition to home unit, said some families are becoming frantic. “I have taken multiple calls from family who just want to be here, and they just want to know that [the patients] aren’t scared or confused,” Schrader said.

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Keeping in touch with our elders in confinement

Since the start of the pandemic, the majority of seniors in residence have been confined to their rooms. It is sometimes difficult for them to stay in touch with their loved ones. Several families have turned to tablets with video calling applications. But they too come with their share of challenges. Aetonix’s Michel Paquet gives an interview about what his team are doing to reduce social isolation during these times.

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Aetonix Systems Recognized as one of the go to telehealth firms to deal with COVID-19

Aetonix Systems is a remote patient monitoring company that provides healthcare organizations with both hardware and software to manage remote complex care management. Via multiple vital signs measurement devices, tablets or cell phones, and its aTouchAway platform, Aetonix enables clinicians, caregivers and family members to form a circle of care around the patient.

By use of video calling, reminders, resources and forms, it lets authorized users to build customized care pathways for patients. It is most commonly used for patients suffering from multiple chronic diseases, such as diabetes, COPD and heart failure. The vital signs such as blood glucose, oxygen saturation level and blood pressure of the patient are transmitted remotely to a clinician dashboard, where they can intervene as necessary but also build workflows to administer any care plan that includes virtual calls and questionnaire assessments.

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Coronavirus: Intensive care video chat for relatives

Those in hospital with Covid-19 are often not allowed to have visitors, even their closest relatives. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has just announced the government is drawing up new guidelines for family members to be present when relatives die “wherever possible”. The Life Lines project was set up by nursing expert Prof Louise Rose and critical care consultant Dr Joel Meyer.“To reduce the risk of infection, hospitals are currently restricting visitors, which means many patients don’t have any contact with their relatives once admitted to intensive care,” said Dr Meyer.

Also involved is Michel Paquet, chief executive of Aetonix – a firm whose video-conferencing platform is used by the health sector. BT, along with Google and Samsung, is providing 4G-enabled tablets.

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Louise Rose is Professor of Critical Care Nursing in the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing. Midwifery and Palliative Care and a qualified intensive care nurse. She is pausing her academic work at King’s to support intensive care staff at St Thomas’, caring for patients and training junior Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses and others as they treat patients with COVID-19.

Louise is also working with Dr Joel Meyer, an ICU consultant at St Thomas’ and Michel Paquet, CEO of Aetonix, a Canadian company that have developed a secure online platform called Atouchaway. The platform enables secure communication between the ICU team and families, as well as virtual family visiting. This is especially helping those patients in critical care who haven’t seen their families since they were admitted to hospital. Testing will be at St Thomas’ and if successful, will be rolled out in UK and possibly Canada.

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Pellerin: 2020 Vision – Better connectivity is helping health care

One of the best ways to improve people’s health is to focus on social connections as much as medical treatments. Michel Paquet certainly believes it.

The founder and CEO of Aetonix didn’t set out to become a health care innovator. He was working in high-tech, travelling the world, being successful. But when both his father and his aunt became seriously ill, his career path veered towards connectivity and health.

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Techopia Live: Aetonix tackles at-home care market in Ontario, U.S.

As pressure on Ontario’s healthcare system rises amid concerns of overcrowding in hospitals, one Ottawa startup is finding its niche in improving at-home care for patients with complex care needs. Michel Paquet, CEO of Aetonix, joined Techopia Live this week to discuss how the company is improving remote care both in its home province and south of the border.

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Highlights, pitches, entrepreneur awards and more from TiECon Canada 2018 in Kanata

Let’s end the suspense: The winner of the TiECon Canada 2018 pitchfest is Aetonix! CEO Michel Paquet took the stage with his fellow pitchers to accept the award.
Following the announcement, a panel of investors from the likes of Angellist, York Angel Investors, Venture University and BCF Ventures settled in to share their insights into the world of venture capital. We’ll close the day by covering the panel on Twitter, which you can follow via the thread below. Thanks for joining us from TiECon Canada 2018.

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Industry leaders are recognizing the value of introducing a remote monitoring platform

Industry leaders are recognizing the value of introducing a remote monitoring platform, aTouchAway by Aetonix, to a community of complex patients and are throwing their support behind expanding the message through additional services and support. As the selected winner of TiECon’s Pitchfest, Aetonix looks to take advantage of this opportunity to scale to greater audiences.

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Boston accelerator launching Ottawa-based Aetonix into U.S. healthcare market

An Ottawa health-tech company will get a helping hand as it enter the United States thanks to the Boston-based Canadian Technology Accelerator.

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Virtual care isn’t just a concept anymore, as hospitals and doctors deploy platforms

Earlier this year, Women’s College Hospital became the first in Canada to offer same-day knee replacement in an outpatient setting, using aTouchAway as the platform to connect patients to a virtual care team after discharge.

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Aetonix Accepted into unique Canadian Technology Accelerator program in Boston (CTA Boston) Massachusetts

The Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston, (CTA Boston) Massachusetts, connects a select number of emerging Canadian companies to US clients, strategic partners, investors, and global Canadian executives, to accelerate and drive the growth of their businesses.

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Home in six hours: Toronto hospital offers same-day joint replacement surgery

A Toronto day hospital is testing out what some have dubbed “drive-by joint replacement surgery,” which does away with the traditional two-to-three day hospital stay, and gets patients from the operating room to their homes in six hours or less using the aTouchAway.

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CEO, Michel Paquet, to speak at annual IoT613 conference

Join us on April 20th, 2018 at the IoT613 conference in Ottawa for a presentation from Aetonix’s CEO on how wearables and sensors can help patients at home.

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Staying connected: Integrating care at home with digital technology

This year, the WCH Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV), will be evaluating a new healthcare app that gives patients with complex care needs access to easy video, audio and text messaging with caregivers in order to to stay connected from anywhere.

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‘I am here today because of this’: A high-tech solution to one of Ontario’s biggest health care challenges

Rick O’Neil had just about given up on life when he was asked whether he would try some new technology to keep him in touch with medical professionals and others. That tablet-like device, called aTouchAway, was the start of a new beginning for O’Neil, In fact, the 56-year-old is convinced the technology, which keeps him in daily contact with health workers, helped saved his life.

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WDMH Brings healthcare home through innovative tablet technology

New innovative technology was introduced at Winchester District Memorial Hospital last Thursday. Select area hospitals in the Arnprior Region & Ottawa West (AROW) and Upper Canada (UC) Health Links were also included in this launch by William Charnetski, the Chief Health Innovation Strategist for Ontario (OCHIS) and his team.

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Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist enables better care for patients

A select group of complex-care patients in eastern Ontario will be cared for using new technology right in their own homes. Today, William Charnetski, the Chief Health Innovation Strategist for Ontario (OCHIS), is kicking off the deployment of aTouchAway by Aetonix Systems, in the Arnprior Region & West Ottawa (AROW) and Upper Canada (UC) Health Links.

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Ottawa’s Aetonix receives provincial funding for connected health platform

Patients with complex healthcare needs in the Ottawa region are using a local startup’s platform to better connect with doctors and family, thanks to $1.2 million in public and private funding. Dubbed aTouchAway, the app connects patients such as aging Ontarians with caregivers and family on a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist enables better care for patients

A select group of complex-care patients in eastern Ontario will be cared for using new technology right in their own homes. On November 30, 2017, William Charnetski, the Chief Health Innovation Strategist for Ontario (OCHIS), is kicking off the deployment of aTouchAway by Aetonix Systems, in the Arnprior Region & West Ottawa (AROW) and Upper Canada (UC) Health Links.

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Le boom des gérontechnologies

Les firmes de nouvelles technologies, à l’exception de celles du milieu médical, ne voient pas encore toujours l’intérêt de considérer le marché des aînés. Pourtant, les baby-boomers sont connectés et le champ des applications pouvant s’adresser à eux comme aux plus âgés est très large. Le changement de stratégie émerge peu à peu.

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Aetonix aTouchAway announced as a finalist for the ITAC 2017 Ingenious Awards

The Information and Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) has announced the finalists for the key categories of the 2017 Ingenious Awards recognizing Canadian companies that are turning great ideas into products and services to solve problems, improve performance, introduce new services and grow their business through the use of technology.

De gauche à droite: Mike Roszak, Michel Paquet et John Reid au Telus Award. Aetonix is winner of Outstanding Product Achievement Award for Mobility Health (M-Health) Innovation Excellence in Canada's Healthcare Sector

Aetonix wins prestigious mHealth Award

The CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Awards are the most prestigious annual awards conferred on individuals and corporations by Canada’s advanced technology community. They are presented in recognition of exceptional contributions made to the creation of science and technology-based industrial strength in Canada. Criteria for each award are explained as part of the category description.

The TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award for Mobility Health (M-Health) Innovation Excellence in Canada’s Health Care Sector was awarded to aTouchAway from Aetonix Systems. The award was presented to Aetonix CEO Michel Paquet at a Gala Awards dinner in May, 2017 – recognizing aTouchAway as an outstanding technology technology engineering development or solution which has resulted in a world-class mHealth product or family of products.

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New Health Technologies Coming to Ontario

Ontario is improving patient care through cutting-edge health technology by committing to provide grants for 15 new projects that will improve people’s care at home and in their communities. Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, was at the Impact Health Summit today to announce the new technologies that will be receiving support from the province.

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Two Weeks in the Valley

The Information and Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) has announced the finalists for the key categories of the 2017 Ingenious Awards recognizing Canadian companies that are turning great ideas into products and services to solve problems, improve performance, introduce new services and grow their business through the use of technology.

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Invest Ottawa startups ready for network prime time

Michel Paquet’s company needs all the mobile network coverage it can get. After watching his 83-year-old aunt’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease and noticing the difficulty she had letting her family and health care providers know what she needed, Mr. Paquet started Aetonix to address the problems experienced by his aunt and many others in similar situations.

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Technology helps vulnerable residents at Peel Cheshire Homes

A Brampton facility supporting individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities is the first in the province to be equipped with a state-of-the-art technology system that meets needs of both residents and staff efficiently, says Dianne Austin, executive director, Peel Cheshire Homes.

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Groupe d'appareils de surveillance de santé, telles une balance numérique, des montres, une machine de pression sanguine et une tablette et téléphone intelligent ayant l'application aTouchAway ouverte.
COPD Education – Onboarding


To complete a thorough needs assessment / initial evaluation for a COPD patient of an outpatient clinic

Patient, Educator (Nurse, RT, the Physician could also be the educator)

One 60-90 min session with the Educator

  • This protocol should be established for all COPD patients from a given clinic, independently of whether they are new patients or they are known to the clinic. This protocol is the basis to engage the patient into other protocols such as education, exacerbation follow-up, etc.
  • We need to identify patient goals/concerns to guide the interventions
  • A thorough evaluation is carried on, with the objective of understanding where the patient is on their disease journey and follow-up treatable traits: dyspnea, exacerbation or dyspnea and exacerbation.
  • It includes the use of objective questionnaires such as the mMRC, CAT, HADS, Frailty Scale, etc.
  • Identify if the patient needs to be referred to other resources (e.g. Physiotherapist, social worker, occupational therapist)
  • Once Onboarding is completed, the patient continues to the COPD Education workflow
COPD Education – Continuous Maintenance


To cover in depth all the necessary elements of self-management education as per the LWWCOPD, with priorities based on patient goals and identified treatable traits

Patient, Educator (Nurse, RT or Physician)

A number of “Core” educational modules have been identified which cover the basic COPD education from the LWWCOPD program. Additionally, optional modules can be used to respond to patient needs. The timeline (frequency, number of modules to be covered at a given education session) is fully customizable, although we recommend to have education sessions every 2-weeks during the “active” phase of education. Once this is completed, the patient continues to the Maintenance Mode (see below).

  • Launched at the onboarding protocol
  • Provide basic overview of COPD self-management based on LWWCOPD (medication adherence, inhaler techniques, PLB technique & energy conservation) up to the development of an Action plan for early exacerbation recognition and management.
  • Prioritize self-learning by the patient (e.g. watching videos, reading educational materials, completing homework) in addition to live sessions with the Educator. Educational materials are sent to the patient directly via the platform, and become the patient’s own library. The Educator can customize which “homework” the patient receives.
  • Educators have access to “User guides” to standardise their educational intervention. These user guides include: objectives, interventions, suggested questions, evaluation of self-efficacy, and learning contracts for each module.
  • Once the core education is completed, the patient can continue to the Respiratory Status Follow-up Workflow (run in parallel)

The Maintenance Mode
  • As soon as the maintenance mode is engaged, the frequency of visits Educator/Patient is reduced to once every 6 months.
  • During the Maintenance Mode sessions, the educator has access to all the education modules and can choose any piece of content that needs to covered with the patient. 
  • A streamlined evaluation (similar to the initial eval.) is done during each “maintenance” visit to identify any substantial changes on the patient’s needs that will require some adjustment. The patient could come back to an “active” education mode (more frequent education sessions, e.g. every 2 weeks).
COPD Respiratory Status Follow-up


Monitoring of stable patients from a clinic in order to identify early any aggravation of symptoms (exacerbation) and implement an action plan

Patient, Educator (Nurse, RT or Physician)

Scheduled regular automated follow-up to the patient symptoms. Intensity/Frequency can be adjusted by the Educator depending on patient needs (e.g. daily, every week, etc.). Ongoing through the year.

  • Launch: Patients who have completed the Core Educational including setting-up an action plan.
  • Regular automated questions allow to identify any change in patient’s symptoms and severity.
  • If an exacerbation is detected the patient gets a reminder to engage their self-management strategies while waiting for the Educator to call back.
  • An alarm is generated for the Educator, so they immediately call back the patient. At this call they will evaluate any further intervention required and schedule additional follow-up.
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