LTC Homes: It’s Time to Fix the Care Plan Approval Process

It’s one of the most delicate issues in long term care. In most facilities, there are residents who just don’t have the capacity to make their own personal care decisions. In these cases, a substitute decision maker must be appointed. This person—whether she’s a family member or some other individual with power of attorney—needs to

4 Things Care Coordinators Want Ontarians To Understand

Are you a care coordinator? If so, you fill a relatively new (though crucial) position. So it’s easy to understand why there are so many misconceptions about what you do. Patients and their family members may be confused about the scope of your role. What is it appropriate for them to ask you for? Are

4 Posts that Prove Telehealth is Far From Dead

Is telehealth dead? The question isn’t new. In recent years, many health care commentators have proclaimed the demise of telehealth. We find this odd, given that experts continue to forecast explosive growth. Consider this Accenture report from 2016, which predicts that telehealth will be a billion dollar industry by 2018 in the United states. This finding

4 Aetonix Posts Care Coordinators Need to Read Today

In Ontario and across Canada, home care landscapes are changing. The needs of patients are shifting, and frontline practitioners are being confronted by a whole lot of new challenges. At Aetonix, we regularly explore what these changes mean for care coordinators. Compared to most health care professionals, care are coordinators fill a relatively new role. If

Ontario Doctors Still Struggle with Care Coordination

A recent report from Health Quality Ontario contained some worrying insights. Chief among them: many of the province’s primary care physicians struggle with care coordination. How can this be? In recent years, policymakers have placed major emphasis on helping patients navigate the health care system. They’ve recognized the role care coordination plays in patient-centred care.

4 Barriers to Care Coordination—and How Technology Can Help

Ontario is seeing an influx of complex patients. And their needs pose a serious challenges to the province’s health care system. In this new climate, practitioners must work together across care provider organizations. As a result, care coordination has never been more critical. Luckily, there are many devoted professionals who are dedicated to finding patient-centred

3 Quick Foot Care Resources for Diabetic Patients

For many wound care nurses, assessing and managing diabetic foot ulcers is a massive challenge. Each year, nearly 2,000 Ontarians undergo amputation as a result of these wounds. This statistic is frustrating for practitioners—especially because the outcome is usually avoidable. In many cases, foot ulcers are preventable. And when they’re caught in time, they can often

Health Care Project Managers: Here’s the Key to Scaling Up

Health care project managers carry the weight of a lot of responsibility. Planning, overseeing, and evaluating initiatives that have a direct impact on the health of Ontarians is no small feat. No matter what organization she works for, a project manager has to see the big picture—and be aware of the details. She has to

The True Value of Diabetic Offloading Devices

We’ve all heard the old saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to the progression of wounds, this is certainly true. Consider diabetic foot ulcers. The stakes are high when it comes to these ailments. But, due to nerve damage, diabetics often find them difficult to recognize. Unfortunately,

4 Qualities Every Care Coordinator Should Have 

If you’re a care coordinator, you’re a crucial part of Ontario’s home care system. You make it possible practitioners from different disciplines to work together toward common goals. You also work closely with patients, ensuring they’re always at the centre of their care. It’s not an easy job. Like nurses and family caregivers, you face

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