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5 Ways Virtual Care Solutions Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Heart failure is one of the leading causes of death in North America. This can be attributed to many factors, including low-quality patient education resources, a lack of tools necessary for care and rehabilitation, and an inability to receive care when it is needed. In this regard, virtual healthcare has proven to be a significant benefit in helping patients improve their heart health, prevent heart failure, and provide healthcare access to a greater number of residents. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways that virtual care solutions can improve heart health.

Reach Your Patients, Wherever They Are

Heart health is often a neglected, but very important aspect of our everyday wellbeing. A primary reason that so many suffer from heart ailments such as heart failure is due to a lack of access to health services. The inability to see a clinician when needed inhibits the opportunity for a patient to identify new ailments or to take preventative measures for predispositions. Virtual care solutions have provided a lifeline as they effortlessly bridge the gap between patients and their healthcare professionals, without the need for an in-person visit. What may have previously been limited by travel times, lack of financial resources, or geography, can now take place without the need to leave one’s home. 

Consistent Heart Health Updates

Virtual care solutions allow patients to monitor their heart health around the clock. This is made possible with remote patient management applications, such as aTouchAway, that are equipped with the heart monitoring equipment needed to remotely measure changes in a patient’s condition. This allows clinicians to stay connected and updated on their patient’s health status in a single application. This data is shared with all members of a patient’s care team and also informs them of any relevant updates.  

Heart Health Reminders

Getting regular exercise is one of the keys to preventing heart failure. While recommended to all patients, many may find it difficult, or even forget, to fit exercise into their daily routines. With virtual care solutions, such as remote patient management, patients receive regular reminders and prompts to complete physical activity. Patients are also provided with regular readings to monitor their heart’s health before and after workouts. This allows them to develop a heart-healthy exercise routine, and get a better understanding of their performance and progress.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Diet plays a pivotal role in preventing heart disease and heart failure. Virtual care solutions provide patients with resources to help them maintain a healthy diet with meal plans tailored to their needs. They’ll be taught what foods to eat more of and what foods to avoid for preventing heart failure. Patients can also log their nutritional intake to monitor the effectiveness of their meal plans.

Staying in Touch With Patients

Being proactive is critical to preventing heart disease and heart failure. With this in mind, virtual care solutions allow doctors and their teams to see patients’ health reports instantly. With real-time access to the patient’s diet, exercise, and other relevant data, doctors can make adjustments as needed. This approach mitigates the need to take reactive measures in response to a negative change in a patient’s health status.

Instant Emergency Communication

No matter where they are, patients will always feel like they have a team looking out for them and their hearts. Should the need arise, virtual care solutions allow care team members to react in real-time. Consistent monitoring keeps the circle of care up to date on live patient data and allows them to react to negative changes instantly. Virtual care solutions, such as remote patient management, allow for the sharing of data and live monitoring to take place in a single application, ensuring all members of the care team receive the updates they need simultaneously. Virtual care solutions can provide the best information possible to patients and their doctors to prevent heart failure, without the time-consuming trip to a doctor’s office or hospital.

Virtual Care Solutions Are Real-Time Healthcare

Virtual care solutions allow patients to work with their doctors to prevent heart disease and heart failure. By monitoring their diet, exercise, and overall health in real-time, doctors and their patients can be proactive in preventing heart-related disease. Convenient information sharing also ensures healthcare providers can take the necessary steps to manage a patient’s condition, without the need for an in-person visit.

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