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Aetonix, ProResp, and Quinte Healthcare Collaborate to Bring aTouchAway® to Patients Living with COPD

Michel Paquet, COO of Aetonix, was joined by Derek Damron of Quinte Health Care, and Dave Jones of ProResp Inc, to discuss what their collaboration meant for patients living with COPD in Quinte and the Quinte sub-regions.

Having identified in 2017 that the region was being challenged with above-average levels of respiratory disease and hospital utilization, it was clear that the aTouchAway® platform could provide an optimal solution to combat admission rates. Damron goes on to describe the process of introducing remote patient monitoring and virtual care, through both a centralized and decentralized approach.

Utilizing an app that requires high levels of engagement, Jones explains the steps the team took to introduce aTouchAway® to patients that were identified as needing some form of virtual care. Patients were given a thorough demonstration and explanation of how to use tablets outfitted with aTouchAway®, to ensure they were able to benefit from the resources at their disposal and answer daily screening questions.

To hear more about the project, and the success it garnered, you can watch our latest webinar in its entirety here. Paquet and the entire Aetonix team are pleased with the success of this project and look forward to future collaborations with the aTouchAway® platform.

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