Enhancing Compliance for Pre-Surgical Patients Through Remote Patient Management

One challenge associated with the pre-surgical care of a patient is a lack of compliance during preparation. Failure to do so can lead to health complications, postponement, or cancelation of the surgery altogether. Of course, most medical practitioners emphasize the importance of surgical preparation by providing specific timelines and instructions. However, to ensure that the necessary prep work is accomplished, clinicians can utilize features found within remote patient management platforms to achieve more reliable outcomes.

Improving Patient Knowledge

In the weeks or months prior to a procedure, patients are provided with a list of very specific instructions to help them prepare. This will likely take place through verbal exchange with the clinician, and should always be accompanied by a physical list to take home. While this practice can prove to be positive for some patients, others may struggle with their preparation. Poor memory, a busy schedule, loss of physical documents, or any number of reasons could prove to inhibit a patient’s ability to follow their pre-surgical instructions.

However, a digital version of the information, accessible through a smartphone or tablet, can provide patients with a more readily available medium to use for reference. Remote patient management applications, like aTouchAway, are powerful tools that can be used for the betterment of a patient’s education. These platforms provide relevant resources for patients that can be accessed at almost anytime, whether at home or on the go. Remote patient management platforms ultimately allow patients to more easily access the information they need when they need it.

Accountability in Pre-Surgical Preparation

While increased accessibility is beneficial, it does not necessarily guarantee a patient will comply with the information they are provided. To bolster this, the applications feature patient reminders that can be scheduled periodically, or for specific times. Furthermore, actionable contingencies can accompany the reminders to hold patients accountable. For example, an acknowledgment of the completion of a particular task, or the requirement for the input of a specified vital sign can add further levels of accountability to a patient’s pre-surgical preparation.

A final layer of redundancy for patient accountability is the use of communication features. The remote patient management platforms allow patients and clinicians to communicate through text, video, and voice calling. Though not always necessary, the enhanced communication capabilities do allow a clinician to check in on the well-being of their patients, without the need for an in-person visit. This can be particularly helpful for patients who still struggle to stay accountable, despite constant reminders. The communication also extends to a patient’s circle of care, which can help to involve family members, friends, and other healthcare providers in the pre-surgical preparation process.

Aetonix Suite of Apps Helps Get The Patient Ready

As a healthcare provider, the well-being of a patient is always of utmost priority. This extends to all facets of patient care, regardless of complexity and occurrence. Clinicians, therefore, should be equipped with the tools they need to provide the highest level of care to their patients. Looking specifically at pre-surgical preparation, the use of remote patient management platforms can have a profound impact on the accountability and education of patients. The applications provide a platform to access important information, while prompts, reminders, and communication features help to ensure the completion of any necessary instructions. While not a perfect solution, the use of remote patient management can greatly increase patient compliance during pre-surgical preparation.

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