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Industry Leaders Recognize Aetonix at TiECon Pitchfest 2018

Industry leaders are recognizing the value of introducing a remote monitoring platform, aTouchAway by Aetonix, to a community of complex patients and are throwing their support behind expanding the message through additional services and support. As the selected winner of TiECon’s Pitchfest, Aetonix looks to take advantage of this opportunity to scale to greater audiences.

Hospital readmissions are costly and unfortunately, very common for patients with multiple chronic illnesses. According to the World Health Organization, chronic disease prevalence is expected to rise by 57% by 2020. When you take into consideration that $1.7 billion in Medicare spending is spent on avoidable readmissions, there is lots more to be done to support this unique group.

aTouchAway by Aetonix bridges the gap between the hospital and the home, and connects the patient’s entire circle of care – physicians, family/friends, and other caregivers – on one secure platform. On Friday, November 2nd, Aetonix stepped up as one of five companies selected to compete in TiECon’s Pitchfest at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa. This is an annual opportunity for startups to introduce their company to a group of industry leaders in hopes of winning additional funding and valuable in-kind services. CEO, Michel Paquet, delivered an emotional pitch to the attendees and industry professionals around the impact aTouchAway has on the lives of complex patients.

“Did you know that 71% of healthcare costs in the United States are spent on patients with multiple chronic conditions? Did you know that of four seniors in the United States, three of them have a chronic disease?”, Michel begins – an opening statement that surely resonates with many attendees. With chronic diseases on the rise and technology more advanced than ever, there has never been a better time to introduce a platform such as aTouchAway. Industry professionals at TiECon could clearly see this impact, and are choosing to support Aetonix with our mission to help healthcare professionals to scale outpatient care, reduce cost of operations, increase touchpoints with patients and their care team, and increase efficiencies within the care teams.

“Winning the TiECon Pitchfest and getting the in-kind professional services will help us to accelerate our growth,” explains Michel Paquet. “As for the TiECon investment funding, the timing is perfect as we are currently raising funds to help introduce our platform, aTouchAway, to a new market in the United States”.

This Pitchfest win includes investment funding and a generous amount of in-kind professional services from industry leaders. As we are expanding into the United States, we are especially grateful to have this support and recognition behind our solution. Aetonix is looking forward to using aTouchAway to allow organizations to improve care for complex patients by simplifying the complexity of care at home – improving overall costs on the system.

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