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When the cure is connection, the world turns to Aetonix.

Used globally by over 250 hospitals and tens of thousands of patients.

We’re passionate about improving clinicians’ connections with patients

Aetonix provides solutions to better connect patients and healthcare providers. Through our simple to use platform, aTouchAway, we are helping clinicians reach isolated patients, reduce inefficiencies, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes.


Accurately monitor patients symptoms remotely


Seamlessly communicate with patients and members of their care circle

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Efficiently set, administer, and modify patient care plans


Streamline the patient care pathway process with easy to follow clinical workflows

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We help improve patient outcomes

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Care Pathways

Manage patient assessment materials, workflows, and educational materials to improve quality and standardize your care process. All on the same platform.

Chronic Disease Management

Provide patients with the resources they need to manage their chronic illness from wherever they are. We help you better manage patients and improve efficiency through continuous chronic disease management resources.

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Monitoring Patients at Home

Develop custom programs through our platform to monitor patients symptoms from their own home. We help patients regain their freedom and allow providers to monitor symptoms and adjust care plans in real-time.

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The aTouchAway platform

aTouchAway improves patient outcomes by connecting them with clinicians through virtual communication, remote patient monitoring, care plan management, and clinical workflows.

Virtual Communications

Communicate with patients, caregivers, care team members, and anyone else in the circle of care through a secure private health information platform supporting video conferencing, messages, and group chat.

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Remote patient monitoring

Enable your patients to measure their vital signs using a range of health monitoring devices and share them with the care team remotely. Using a real-time monitoring dashboard and thresholds, receive alerts on deviation, manage patient status, and take timely care actions.

Care plan management

Set, administer, and modify patient care plans at an organizational or departmental level. Keep care team members on the same page with respect to progress, pending tasks, and next steps. Add unlimited care team members, and set privileges as necessary so the right people can collaborate to optimize the health outcome of the patient..

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Clinical workflows

A clinical workflow is a series of predefined steps, based on conditions, that automatically executes a clinical protocol, providing guidance to the circle of care members. Reduce the burden on healthcare professionals by streamlining the process they use to create care pathways for patients. The system will notify users if an intervention is needed based on the workflow process.

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Changing lives daily.


Using the aTouchAway COPD Care Pathway, we have been able to support our patients at home with required respiratory and oxygen therapy, managing them safely and avoiding unnecessary hospital or clinic visits. ATouchAway proves to be effective in augmenting patient care while expanding team capacity and saving travel time for our organization

Miriam Turnbull

VP & GM at ProResp

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