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Understanding Virtual Care Pathways and How They Compliment Remote Patient Management

Virtual care pathways are comprehensive tools used to manage the complex medical care of patients throughout their entire health journey. Whether recovering from an acute illness, coping with chronic symptoms, or a combination of both, virtual care pathways help to facilitate the health process more efficiently.

Virtual Care Pathways work alongside the patient’s medical team by involving the patient, their family, and their caregivers. Using workflow, forms, and educational resources, each step of a patient’s care sequence is clearly defined to enable seamless coordination within the circle of care. Each point in the pathway is determined by the outcome of the previous step, leading to a truly individualized and efficient treatment plan.

The workflow fosters a collaborative relationship between the patient’s various care providers and allows for the exchange of critical health information and forms. Educational resources can be digitized and added to the patient’s virtual library and can be mapped to specific steps and outcomes in the workflow. The patient’s vital signs are also recorded in real-time, allowing the care team to assess for early warning signs and intervene if necessary.

The use of Care Pathways gives healthcare providers and patients the tools they need to manage patient recovery. As a remote patient management tool, Aetonix Virtual Care Pathways ensure the best delivery of care in a straightforward and comprehensive format.

Smart Technology in the Form of an App

Care Pathways are accessed via the Aetonix aTouchAway app. aTouchAway allows for healthcare data to be stored and shared between providers, and can also be utilized to provide reminders for medication administration and self-checks, as well as to reach out to healthcare providers in the event that a patient’s condition changes or there is an emergency.

But the app isn’t simply connected and monitored by the patient. Vital signs are collected in real-time, providing the care team with up-to-date readings on the patient’s oxygen saturation level, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, temperature, weight, and activity. The team can then set various vital sign thresholds and receive alerts when there is a deviation. Additionally, the provider has access to a real-time dashboard that provides a color-coded view of patient status and priority.

The app allows providers to respond to immediately available data, allowing them to reach out to a patient’s family doctor, a local nurse, a pharmacy delivery service, or another member of the patient’s care circle. If necessary, the software can be used as a method of communication, providing audio and video access if they require an immediate consultation. Aetonix’s virtual care technology offers patients and providers a reliable and secure method of delivering remote patient care.

Smarter Hardware For Those Far Out of Reach

Although Aetonix software is easy to understand and user-friendly, it is still dependent on existing systems of wifi communication. For those without smartphones or tablets in their lives, or those who live far from broadband availability, this can still be something of a hindrance.

Fortunately, Aetonix has considered the needs of this type of remote care and provides hardware to assist medical practitioners in reaching out to their patients. Monitoring equipment, designed to be easy to use and easy to carry, is available with all pertinent programming built into it, for those people who are out of reach of the connectivity most of us enjoy.

Aetonix Reaches Out to Everyone

Aetonix’s aTouchAway app utilizes remote patient monitoring technology to bring even the hardest-to-reach patients into a tight circle of care. By simplifying the collection of real-time data, the sharing of forms and resources, and the creation of Care Pathways, aTouchAway offers providers and patients a comprehensive guide on the journey to illness recovery and management.

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