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Meet Christiano

Meet Christiano, a young patient who is using aTouchAway to stay connected with his care team and reducing the need to travel to unnecessary in-person healthcare visits.

Keeping Patients connected to their Care Teams as they return home

Through Aetonix’s virtual care platform aTouchAway, healthcare providers and patients can stay better connected through video conferencing, secure messaging, remote patient monitoring and more. Learn more!

Connecting Patients Living with COPD in the Quinte Region

Follow along with COO Michel Paquet to learn about the benefits the aTouchAway® platform has provided to patients living with COPD in the Quinte region. Paquet is joined by  Derek Damron and Dave Jones, who shared their experiences collaborating with Aetonix in our latest webinar!

Simplifying patient care delivery with a practical, user-friendly platform

aTouchAway helps healthcare teams and patients work together to achieve optimal results. Patients can set reminders, monitor and log symptoms, track activity levels, and more with just a few clicks. In turn, their care team will receive regular updates to optimize patients’ care regimens in real-time. Learn more!


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