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Wow, what a crazy ride it’s been! Aetonix began its mission in 2014 to simplify care for patients with complex needs. 6 years and a global pandemic later, we are renewing our commitment to put the patient at the center!  

  In our journey, we created remote care packages for hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and assisted living facilities. These packages had different purposes, depending on solving our client’s main challenge. Some of these packages focused on communication. We enabled one touch videoconferencing for patients and residents to stay connected with staff and the outside world. Some of these packages monitored the vital signs of patients, enabling clinicians to manage their health from afar. We are glad to say that we have kept tens of thousands of patients connected, logged in thousands of video calls and hundreds of thousands of secure text messages.  

In recent years, we saw two things happen. 

1) Increased Movement of Patients. We always knew about this from our acute care programs, seeing the number of surgeries increase every year. Recently, the rising chronic care burden has meant that more at risk patients are frequent flyers to the hospital ED, because of heart attacks, breathlessness, stroke, etc. We recognize how important it is to maintain a communication and care coordination channel with these folks, as they transition to and from healthcare facilities, and even between different units in the same healthcare facility.   

 2) Increased Isolation of Patients. In the wake of the pandemic, you may think isolation is a good thing. But medical isolation and social isolation are not the same. You can be isolated because of medical reasons, or because you live in a remote area, or because of socio-economic shortcomings. But you can remain in touch with your dear ones and clinical staff who are outside of your reach. We know that greater patient engagement leads to greater health outcome. So we cannot let those without access to healthcare slip away, where isolation leads to lack of engagement, depression and ultimately a poor health outcome. 

 Looking at the two phenomena above, we can say: 

More people require healthcare services due to an aging population. More people need connection once they enter and navigate the healthcare system. Once they arrive at one care setting, they often have to move to a new one. The lack of communication shows itself, along with the need for better care coordination.  

  Aetonix stands besides organizations wishing to reach those in need of care from all walks of life, and coordinate their care journey across the entire healthcare spectrum. From home to hospital to long term care facilities, Aetonix is a constant companion that binds you and your patient together. Over the last few months, we have grown as an organization and renewed our commitment to patient centricity. We have developed out of the box care pathways for multiple scenarios. These care pathways can be customized with clinical forms, educational materials, and relevant contacts of the patient that apply to the particular situation.  

  We are proud to call ourselves a connected health solution that bridges the gap between patients, families and clinicians. We break down information silos that exist in organizations, so different healthcare professionals assigned to a patient can work together to achieve the best possible health outcome. We still provide telehealth. We still provide remote patient monitoring. But it’s our ability to coordinate the care of the patient between care settings while still providing these things, that sets us apart. The Care Pathway is the best way we can bring this to the world!  

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