November 17, 2020 — Aetonix and RESPIPLUS™ have entered into a partnership to facilitate better health outcomes for patients living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD, a chronic inflammatory lung disease, is the third leading cause of death globally and affects millions around the world.

RESPIPLUS™ will harness the power of Aetonix’s mobile care platform, aTouchAwayTM, to enhance the worldwide delivery of its Living Well with COPD program. This program, supported by more than 40 scientific publications, provides COPD patients with educational resources for self-management while aiding physicians and healthcare professionals with their care plans.

The aTouchAway platform dramatically improves patient outcomes through virtual communication, education, remote patient monitoring, care plan management, and clinical workflows. Its strength is being able to connect patients and clinicians through remote monitoring.

“This is crucial as the world struggles with COVID-19 and must turn towards technology to ensure patients’ needs are being met in a safe and effective way,” says Michel Paquet, CEO and Founder of Aetonix. “aTouchAway is the right solution to deliver the Living Well with COPD program seamlessly and successfully to significantly improve patient outcomes.”

Aetonix is driving change through Care Pathways. These are evidence-based approaches to creating a patient care plan that is structured, personalised and followed by a multidisciplinary team, which is then deployed via aTouchAway.

The “COPD Care. Pathway to Live Life Well Program, by RESPIPLUS™, will help patients around the world monitor their symptoms daily to identify exacerbations. A patient’s care team can view this in real time.

In addition, it will provide educational resources that cover topics such as self-management of symptoms and medication, modelling healthy lifestyle choices and breathing and airway clearance techniques.

“Aetonix is providing us with an opportunity to automate and scale up the Living Well with COPD program so that many other clinics, hospitals and care centres have access to our world-renowned program,” says Maria Sedeno, Executive Director of RESPIPLUS™. “We know we have the best of the best but everyone needs to have access to this program. This partnership makes this possible on a global level.”

Dr. Jean Bourbeau has been researching COPD for 20 years. His Care Pathway to improve outcomes for patients has been used in 15 countries and by tens of thousands of people annually.

“Of all chronic diseases, COPD is likely the most neglected,” says Dr. Bourbeau. “While it is common — as the third leading cause of death globally — it’s the first cause of hospitalization. Physicians and health care systems require an effective and more efficient platform to provide the best care to this (COPD) population. Aetonix helps us do this internationally.”

The COPD Care Pathway to Live Life Well Program, by RESPIPLUS™, using Aetonix technology, will launch in February 2021.

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Aetonix is changing lives daily with its virtual care platform, aTouchAway, which provides telehealth, care pathways and remote patient monitoring to optimize connected health. Its face-to-face communication platform is revolutionizing the way families, healthcare professionals and patients receive care. Over 250 hospitals and tens of thousands of patients use Aetonix globally. For more information, please visit:


The Living Well with COPD self-management program by RESPIPLUS™ was created to help patients, affected by the disease, learn skills to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours. The program offers a series of modules with interactive tools and videos that explore topics, such as managing stress and acuity, preventing symptoms and saving energy and being healthy with COPD. Medical experts, in collaboration with patients, created the program. For more information, please visit:

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