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COPD Post Discharge and Rehabilitation

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Pathway Objectives

To provide support and rehabilitation to COPD patients at home to prevent exacerbation

Timeline: In hospital prior to discharge, then for 10 weeks at home post discharge

Circle of Care – Patient & Care Team

 Nurse Practitioner, Physiotherapist (PT), Care Coordinator

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Assessment questionnaires are provided to the patient prior to discharge by the care team. Target O2 stats and exercise schedule is determined collaboratively between the patient and PT

Self-management questionnaires are provided prior to patient discharge, pre and post exercises to monitor symptoms (vitals and O2 stats taken an hour prior to exercise)

Virtual PT visits are scheduled weekly

Weekly education including learning modules, and biweekly (2x /week) exercise programs

Reminders are set for patients an hour prior to scheduled exercises. Exercises are performed within a virtual group setting and patients are assigned a buddy to enhance engagement and accountability (patients also have the option to do exercises on their own)

Education is provided asynchronously using videos (scheduled) and synchronously done live with their assigned buddy (scheduled)

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Care Pathways

Improving the wellbeing of your patients is our number one priority. That is why we offer a wide range of care pathways, to meet individualized health needs.

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What our customers say about us


Using the aTouchAway COPD Care Pathway, we have been able to support our patients at home with required respiratory and oxygen therapy, managing them safely and avoiding unnecessary hospital or clinic visits. aTouchAway proves to be effective in augmenting patient care while expanding team capacity and saving travel time for our organization.

Miriam Turnbull

VP & GM at ProResp

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